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by DW Green — January 17, 2018

Truth is unveiled

I have a folder on my desktop entitled “Thoughts”. When I read stuff, I type portions of what I’ve read that interest me and save them in my thoughts folder. I’ve been doing this for about ten years. I have hundreds of pages of “what’s interesting to me” thoughts in that folder. Here’s an example of a thought entry from December 29t, 2017.

Cease to identify with the body/emotions/ mind as “me.” Be truthful and admit that they are yours but not you.

From thinking that we are our minds, we begin to see that we have minds—and that it is the mind that has thoughts, beliefs, feelings and opinions. Eventually we may arrive at the insight that all our thoughts are merely borrowed from the great database of consciousness and were never really our own.

At all times, remain aware that the real you is not the ego. Refuse to identify with it.

Truth is unveiled when we see that one has “that” or does “that,” instead of is “that.”

There is great freedom in the realization that I “have” a body and a mind, rather than I “am” my mind or body.

Suffering is only the price we pay for our attachments.

One then realizes one is the audience, rather than the participant or subject.

The thoughts are not mine and there is no me involved. The realization that the mind is not the same as “I” or “me” breaks the identification of the self with the mind.

What’s in your wallet, ah folder?

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