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What an A-Hole!

by Adam Zack — November 28, 2018

A last resort

In our business we’ve all encountered that special customer that is a total dick.  The kind of person who got out of bed on the wrong side for what must be the 100th day in a row.  No amount of kindness and outstanding customer service can pierce the extra thick layer of grump that they wear. The best of us will cheerfully wish them to “have a great day!” or “let me know if I can help you find anything” and end the encounter.  But sometimes the aforementioned A-hole is extra A-holeish and may say something insulting or even offensive to one of your employees.

There may be an email that is not just curt, but downright rude. The kind of thing where you say out loud “What’s this guy’s problem?” As managers and business owners we have a duty to our employees to give them a safe, comfortable, and yes, fun place to work.  We are leaders because we see when they give the extra effort to meet a deadline or make that 13th revision on a customer project with a smile. When they offer that extra bit of great customer service and are not thanked, or even get a grunt of acknowledgment from one of the A-holes, it’s our job to be the words of appreciation.  It’s also our job to deal with the A-holes. To take the bullet and be the one they vent their frustrations to. It’s hard to stand there and take it, and sometimes the A-hole pushes to far, and then it’s our job to politely decline their future patronage and wish them good luck shopping at our competition. It’s a last resort that your employees and other customers respect, appreciate and understand.

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