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The Grudgeholder Revisited

by Adam Zack — March 31, 2021

To grudge or not to grudge, that is the question.

Last week Dennis, one of our vendors who is also a friend, was dropping off some wine. We chatted for a bit and he said he had just seen another one of our vendors, who he used to do business with, in the store. They had parted ways a few years ago because Dennis’ company wanted to go in a different direction. Since that happened, the guy Dennis saw developed deep hatred and animosity towards him. He won’t speak to him and offers nothing but angry gazes when they do see each other. We started talking about how some people can hold a grudge forever and how that grudge is such a burden to carry. The Grudgee, in this case Dennis, goes about his life happy and willing to let the past be the past, while the Grudger holds that big stone of bitterness and the only one he’s hurting with that hatred is himself. We talked about how we both knew people like that. In fact, the last time he and his wife had a big fight was a couple years ago when he told her that she was a grudge holder and she held a grudge against him for saying that. It was funny to me. Life’s too short to let negative emotions have any space next to the positive ones. Move on, cowboy.

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