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Holiday Season Gift Cards

by webmaster — September 24, 2009

Selling your gift cards to businesses:

I received a great idea in the mail this week from Publix stores in Florida.

The title of the direct mail piece: “Choose a gift that helps your business look good. And you’ll look good too.”

“This year give Publix Gift Cards as your gift of appreciation to business associates and their families.”

Publix has been one of the most aggressive grocers in the promotion of gift cards in their stores, on their website and in direct mail offers.

As we’re entering the holiday selling season (less than 100 days to Christmas), Publix is reaching out to businesses that have previously purchased their gift cards with a reminder to “Show them you care” …. and “The Company You Keep”….. “Call or go online today” to purchase gift cards.

Why should businesses buy gift cards online from Publix?

  1. Gift cards are a fit that recipients can enjoy with their families.
  2. It allows them to choose something that is needed, or something special.
  3. It shows you want what is best for them and you can choose what is best for your company.
Gift Card Designs

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Do you have more than one design available?

Although it may be too late in the season to start work on new gift card designs, it’s best to offer your customers some choices on how they can buy gift cards and remind them of the availability each week as they shop your stores. If you don’t have multiple design choices, why put it off any longer?

Gift Card Designs

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Are you promoting the sale of gift cards EVERY WEEK in your weekly insert ads, or in seasonal magazines?

You should allocate ad space each week to promote your gift card program. These “drop in” ads are an easy way to remind shoppers that you’re interested in their seasonal gift card business.

Gift Card Ads

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Are you using in-store posters to promote your gift card program?

This could be your least expensive and most effective way to promote your gift card program. A 22″ x 28″ poster that is placed in your front lobby area or near your checkstands. If you need help with a poster design, just let me know:

In Store Posters

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Also, if you need poster frames to place the posters in, store supplies catalogues offer a wide selection of choices. Here’s a stanchion poster frame for a little over a hundred bucks.

Again, there’s still time to put a strong marketing program together to promote your gift cards this holiday season.

If you need any help with direct mail to local businesses, in store posters, drop in ads, or gift card designs, just let me know and we’ll help:

Have a great week!

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