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by DW Green — July 26, 2017

“This moment is life”

Adam’s blog story is a good one. Too often we take time for granted. Too often we take life for granted. There’s always tomorrow, next week, next year and so on. The past is a treasure of memories and experiences. The future is a sky scape of hopes, dreams and desires. But all we really have is NOW, this present moment. Our memories are created now, in this moment and our future unfolds now, in this present moment. Sometimes it’s difficult to live in the NOW. But to be totally present and aware of what’s happening in the present moment is a powerful place to live.

Jeff Foster sums it up very well. “This moment is not life waiting to happen, goals waiting to be achieved, words waiting to be spoken, connections waiting to be made, regrets waiting to evaporate, aliveness waiting to be felt, enlightenment waiting to be gained. No. Nothing is waiting. This is it. This moment is life.”

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