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The Big Things

by Adam Zack — January 24, 2018

A truly great man or woman.

A truly great man or woman.

Most of our lives are shaped and defined by the little things we do and say. The everyday unacknowledged kindnesses, the way we treat others, doing the right thing when it’s not the easy thing. People of high character and integrity do millions of the little things that add up over a lifetime and define them as an exceptional human being, just as the a-holes of the world are ignorant to those same things. But what about the big things? We all have major, often life-changing events that depending on how we react to them can define us even more as a truly great man or woman. Chesley Sullenberger would have been an accomplished and mostly anonymous pilot if he hadn’t responded the way he did to land a jet in the Hudson River. Rosa Parks would have been mostly unknown if she hadn’t refused to give up her seat on the bus. John @@@@@ would have been another brave soldier if he hadn’t shown the courage and character he showed on Guadalcanal during World War II. These are all extreme examples for us regular folk, but how we react to big events can make us a hero or despised. If you ever had to close a business or just a location, how you handled it either defined you as making a necessary choice or being an uncaring owner. Making sweeping changes to your business affects dozens or even hundreds, and how you plan and make those changes result in judgments from those affected that can define you for years, or forever. Ever been dumped? Or know someone who’s been dumped? Of course you do. Are they bitter years later and complain constantly or did they take the hand dealt, reshuffle and go to the next game? It’s a big thing that shows character. The little things are the mile markers along our road, and the big things are the major cities we visit. Here’s to you traveling down the Your Name Memorial Highway and stopping to visit the Your Name landmark erected for you because of how you responded to the big things in your life.

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