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I had a dream

by Adam Zack — January 23, 2019

I have received blessings one-hundredfold.

This is a true story. Monday was Martin Luther King day and last night I had a dream. I had a very realistic dream. It was so meaningful to me, I got up and typed out the bullet points on my phone so I would not forget my dream. I didn’t want it to go to the black hole where most of my other dreams go. I wanted to remember my dream so that I could share it with my fellow grocers so that maybe one or two might turn my dream into a reality. I had a dream. In this dream I was with my children and my mother at a big river. My children were not being ideal children. They were not grateful to be at the river and they were not appreciative of the blessings that they had in life that day. My mother apologized for their poor attitudes – like it was her fault – and offered to take them home. I was upset, and I asked her to make them think about the good things they had in their life and to trace them back to where they came from.

Those were the exact words in my dream. Trace it back. I really started to think about it and it struck me that to be truly appreciative of our good things, we need to trace them back to the origin. Do our blessings originate from luck? From hard work? By chance? It made me think that because I had parents who truly care, who sacrificed plenty and who put their family first, I am a better person. Because of thoughtful choices and consideration for others, I have received blessings one-hundredfold. Being appreciative and not taking our good things for granted requires us to trace them back to where they came from. Only then can we truly understand how great we have it. Then, in my dream, I was at the river’s edge and the rushing water made me have to pee, so I woke up and did just that.

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