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by Adam Zack — June 24, 2020

Adam Zack

The price for not properly nurturing ideas? No Ideas.

I have a friend who when he has an idea or suggestion that I like and respond with “Great idea!” he will reply “Thank you. Only kind I have.” It’s funny (and mostly true) and I have adopted it on occasion. The look of slight confusion when someone’s “great idea” comment is met with “That’s the only kind I have” is pretty fun to observe. They think “What kind of arrogant answer is that? I was giving a compliment and the response was basically “I know.” Smug answers aside, your response as a leader to good ideas from your team is vitally important. The ability to truly listen, show appreciation, encouragement, and give constructive feedback to ideas that your employees share are what differentiates great leaders from just good managers. The price for not properly nurturing ideas? No ideas. It takes confidence and courage for an employee to present ideas to management and ownership that might change your business. Without the proper response, the response might as well be “There’s no such thing as a bad idea. Until now.”

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