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Nurture vs Nature

by Adam Zack — December 9, 2020

Adam Zack

As leaders, we are tasked with the responsibility of nurturing our employees.

In the documentary movie Three Identical Strangers, identical triplets were separated at birth and adopted by three separate families in New York. None of the adopting families knew that their new baby was one of three triplets, and it was only through a fluke chance that they discovered each other when they were 19 years old. Although they looked exactly the same, they were very different people, and as it turns out, part of an experiment to determine if it is nature or nurture that determines the type of person you ultimately become. It was a very cruel experiment with sad results for the triplets. So despite the cruel experiment, the question remains: Are our basic values of kindness, empathy, generosity, work ethic, honesty and caring learned from our family or were we born with them and they developed as we matured? Most parents strive to instill good traits in their children. No one wants to raise a kid that turns out to be a royal a-hole. Yet there are families with multiple kids, same parenting techniques, where one kid definitely turns out to be that a-hole. As leaders, we are tasked with the responsibility of nurturing our employees to have the basic values and skills required to serve our customers. It’s been said – not by me – that a leader doesn’t have to be liked to be effective, he just has to be respected. I think the great leaders of today realize that they do have to be nice to their people. Treat them the way they want to be treated and turnover goes way down. The Power of Nice is real.

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