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by Adam Zack — February 3, 2021

Adam Zack

Here’s to Lori! Thank you for your service!. 

Every company has key employees that are if not irreplaceable, would at least be sorely missed if they were to leave. You have those who may be the heart of the company. The soul. The backbone. The brain. They perform their duties extremely well and the company is more successful because of their dedication, talents and leadership. They may perform duties that no one else wants to do, and do them so well that no one could come close to duplicating them. Some of my favorite employees have been the ones that just take care of business. They don’t ask for help, or even need help. They make *&^$ happen. Their departments run like clockwork and management has one less thing to worry about. Drama free departments are a leader’s dream. But back to the topic: Intangibles and what they bring to the team. Heart, soul, humor, humility. Just yesterday, after 47 years on the job, the payroll administrator for my family’s stores retired. She not only brought humor, friendliness, teamwork and dedication to her job – she was what I consider the kindness of the company. Someone who never once – not even one time – missed processing payroll. She’d plan her vacations around when payroll had to be submitted. She’s someone who did whatever was asked with a smile and sincerity and level of caring that are irreplaceable. She’s that level of nice that you know you could never be. A hundred employees need copies of pay stubs and W2-s and want to change payroll deductions? No problem, hon. She never had a mean thing to say, gossip to spread, or curse words uttered about anyone. Of course, payroll will still get processed on-time, records will be kept, and operations will keep chugging along. But like the intangibles I mentioned before, there will be a little less kindness in our company. So, here’s a big iced tea to you, Lori. Happy retirement, hon.

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