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by Adam Zack — November 9, 2022

Bring value to the table.

Adam’s on vacation this week, so his life-long friend Scott offered up a guest blog.

Hi, this is Adam’s friend Scott. Haven’t filled in for a while but thought I might help him out as he seems to always be helping others out. I am presently living on a small island in Northwest Washington State and my choices for groceries are limited. I usually shop at a chain store at my other home in Reno, Nevada and they usually have 5 or 6 different choices for each item, so when I show up to a smaller market here, my first thoughts are to drive off the island to head to a chain store. Honestly, I’ve done it before but recently I’ve had a different outlook on my local market. In my spoiled attitude of being able to choose 8 different brands of penne pasta in Supermarketland, I wasn’t noticing that the items I was choosing were of a greater quality, and when I shop at our local market, my choice is usually the highest quality item. My interpretation of this comes down to the fact that someone is actually deciding what brand is better and keeping it stocked for me. We’ve become a selfish community and want many choices at very cheap prices, but my local market is looking at the best value for the best price. I appreciate the “man” behind the curtain that is making these choices and not some computer that is worried about the bottom line. Don’t get me wrong, the bottom line is very important, but making sure the customer can get what they need, at a fair price, I believe, is more importaner 😅.

As prices have become more and more of a concern for us shoppers, we appreciate the hard work it takes to bring value to the table. Value, customer service, stocked shelves and a smiling face is key, oh and a good bottle of a local Cabernet for my wife also comes into play.

Until next time, know that we appreciate you and all you do for us during these crazy times and as Albert Einstein once said, “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”


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