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Taking Proximity for Granted

by Adam Zack — May 15, 2024


“… show them that you still care after all these years.”

The people we see most often are the ones we take most for granted. The little things that happen every day – from that customer who buys a coffee and a muffin every single morning to your spouse who makes sure your work shirts are clean and looks you over to make sure you have no boogers showing before you head to the store. Proximity and familiarity are the easiest thing to take for granted because they’re, well, they’re just there everyday. Routine becomes part of the landscape and you don’t miss that routine until it’s not there anymore. Just like real listening takes effort and thought, your appreciation level needs a kick in the ass every now and then too. It’s the spouse who one day thinks “I’ve been making his coffee every single day for 20 years and he hasn’t even said thanks for at least five. In fact, when’s the last time he even made me a cup of tea?” And the next thing you know the routine is interrupted because the need for appreciation is not met and you’re left scratching your head saying, “What the hell got into her? What did I do?” It’s very similar with our closest customers – the ones who live across the street and around the block. It doesn’t make sense for them to shop at our competitor because that’s a two-mile drive, right? We take it for granted that they will always shop with us because we’re so goddam convenient and after all, we do a pretty good job too. But like that spouse of 20 years they may find themselves flattered by the handsome new market just a couple miles away. They gave me flowers! They really thanked me for coming in! And they really meant it, I could tell! Maybe I’ll just see them one more time on the sly. Once turns into bi-weekly and next thing you know, your coffee and muffin sales are down. And you don’t know why. So for those customers who are across the street and around the corner, show them that you still care after all these years. Design a campaign to hand deliver a little gift. Buy them their coffee and muffin for once. Let them know the spark is still there and you’re glad they are with you for the long run.

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