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Summer Gifts

by Adam Zack — May 10, 2017

Adam Zack

Christmas in July

We all know that gift cards sell during the Christmas holiday season. In fact, they sell like crazy, especially if you’re doing Cyber Monday, which if you aren’t then maybe there’s something else that’s crazy. Grocers have done a good job getting into the gift card business with their own gift cards and also selling national brand gift cards. The idea is that you are now a gift choice. And it helps when customers have an incentive to purchase a gift from you. Which is why Cyber Monday is so successful: It’s an incredible incentive to buy your gift cards. $100 gift card for $75 that I can use for groceries? I’d be a damn fool to say no to that, and my momma didn’t raise no fools, except for my brother Frankie, who has always been a little off. So while we’ve got our participating in the holiday season gift mélange, we have totally ignored the rest of the holidays. Graduation, weddings, birthdays, Mother’s Day… I don’t know of one grocer that promotes their gift cards as an alternative to the standard gift. How about Christmas in July for a one day Cyber Monday like sale? Or how about promoting gift cards to the parents of college freshman who are attending that nearby college for the first time? The opportunities to be more than just a holiday gift are there. They need to be prominent on your website and promoted during opportune times throughout the year. Yeah, we’re not the sexy, sparkly gift, but we are the practical one, and your common sense customers need to be reminded about it.

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