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Where Should Your Logo Be Placed On Your Print Ad?

by DW Green — May 10, 2017

The key to a great ad is a great headline.

We often have conversations with clients regarding the placement of their logo on print ads. Seems the supermarket industry favors placing the company logo on the top of the ad. We would disagree.

The hierarchy of an effective ad from an advertising/design perspective:

  1. Headline (consumer benefit)
  2. Picture
  3. Offer
  4. Company Logo

Where should your logo or brand identity be placed so that consumers actually see it? Based on eye-tracking research, the best place is the lower middle part of the page or layout. At that point, the viewer will have engaged emotionally with the leading part of the ad, and will then have the opportunity to associate the brand with solving a problem or satisfying consumers’ wants.

The key to a great ad is a great headline. Headlines achieve three important things:

  1. They filter out non-customers (if the headline doesn’t appeal to

   them, they move on. Fine, let them go!)

  1. They tell potential customers what’s in it for them (that’s what

   consumers most care about).

  1. They hint at what action the customer can take

Strong headlines attract reader’s attention, not logos. We’d love to create print ads with you that drive customer traffic to your stores!

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