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Art of the Compliment

by Adam Zack — May 30, 2018

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…makes them feel good about shopping with you.

Did you realize that compliments generate revenue?

A couple weeks ago we were out to dinner and when the server got around to me I gave her my choice (I don’t even remember what I ordered – it was the service that was memorable) and she said – very sincerely while looking me in the eye – “Excellent choice. That’s one of my very favorites.” They were words of affirmation and approval by someone “in the know” that made me really feel great. Upon reflection, she does that with everyone who looks like they will be paying the bill, but even if that is true, it didn’t matter. Those complimentary words resulted in a relaxed, satisfied dinner before the food even came and definitely a bigger tip. If more restaurant servers – from fast casual to fine dining – could master the art of the compliment we’d all be happier diners and they’d make more in tips. Pray tell, you ask, how does this even relate to the grocery industry? Well, I’ll tell you, and thank you for giving me the leeway to take such a circuitous route to the point. You have things that are your favorites. Lots of them. So do your employees. You even have some second, third and fourth favorites. It applies to nearly every category – meat, seafood, cheese, deli, wine, booze, produce, bakery specialty foods, ice cream – even pet food. So when you or your cashiers, service clerks or grocery clerks see a customer buying one of your favorite things, share your love of that product with them. That personal affirmation and compliment to their good taste in their selection immediately makes them feel good about shopping with you. It’s something personal you have in common with a stranger who is supporting you and hey feel great about spending their hard-earned dough with you. It works especially well with higher end items, things that may be a little bit of a splurge. And you know how the conversation ends? “I’m Adam. Next time you’re in, please let me know how you liked it.” Boom, great customer service.

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