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Who Would Have Thunk

by DW Green — May 30, 2018

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“Staff recommends” signage.

I really enjoyed Adam’s blog today. The power of any relationship activity that builds a personal bond with customers can’t be overstated.

This verbal connection reminds me of the non-verbal activity of store signage. Many of our clients use “staff recommends” signage on products that delight department experts based on their knowledge and training. Sharing their expertise with customers at point of purchase help make a meaningful selection for the customer. Sharing that personal knowledge of products with customers reflects on the overall professionalism of the retailer and a reason to believe in the competency and knowledge of the company. Recently I had dinner at a local steak house. The server recommended a bone-in filet mignon. I had never had a bone-in filet mignon and didn’t know such a cut even existed! The taste was awesome! Who would have thunk a bone could add so much flavor to a steak! Shelf signage that points out an expert’s opinion can make a difference with the customers meal and enhances the trust and creditability of your company.

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