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Gratitude And Generosity

by DW Green — November 23, 2022

Each and every morning offers us a chance to start anew, fresh, and to begin again.

Lakota author and activist Doug Good Feather writes about gratitude and generosity. I connect with his words, and for a moment, the true meaning of Thanksgiving comes to light. It’s easy to take things for granted and fall into autopilot as we prepare for the busyness of another holiday season. I ask that you take a few minutes and read Mr. Good Feather’s thoughts on gratitude and generosity.

“Each and every morning offers us a chance to start anew, fresh, and to begin again. Each morning when we wake—should we choose to listen—is a message from the Creator to remember the privilege we were given of waking up. It’s a reminder to get up and prepare our self, to honor our self, to go out into the world, to connect with Mother Earth and the hearts of other beings, to inspire and encourage those who cross our paths, and most importantly, to enjoy life.  

Gratitude and generosity are similar virtues, but they differ in that gratitude is an internal characteristic and generosity is our external expression of our sense of gratitude. Basically, gratitude is how we ...

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Mind Games

by DW Green — November 16, 2022

This internal mind game consists of the tricks your mind plays on you.

I usually think of mind games as something individuals intentionally play on rivals, subordinates, and peers. It happens in politics, office politics, in sports and relationships, used to gain advantage, manipulate or intimidate. It all seems pretty creepy to me. But as it turns out, we all play mind games with ourselves practically everyday.

This internal mind game consists of the tricks your mind plays on you, making you see reality according to old memories, fears, wounds, prejudices, outworn beliefs, second-hand opinions, and early conditioning. When you are aware your mind is filtering your reality based on the past, you can change it with that awareness. In fact, awareness is the change.

Awareness is huge. Seemingly so simple, yet so difficult to cultivate and sustain.

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The Secret

by DW Green — November 9, 2022

Three words convey the secret of life.

“There are three words that convey the secret of the art of living, the secret of all success and happiness:

One With Life.

Being one with life is being one with Now. You then realize that you don’t live your life, but life lives you. Life is the dancer, and you are the dance.”

—Eckhart Tolle

Hmm, so no longer a secret.

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Teacher And Student

by DW Green — November 2, 2022

In essence, we’re both student and teacher.

As Adam says Being a mentor to someone who’s a freshman in life is one way that you can make your workplace a great place to work, and shop.” Being a mentor to anyone, regardless of his or her age, status, or station in life is a good thing. I have been blessed with many amazing mentors in my life, beginning with my parents.  And I’ve learned from younger generations too. As mentor’s we are teachers, sharing our wisdom and experience.

It’s been said that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. In essence, we’re both student and teacher. As students we can improve our awareness of restrictive thinking and seek to be ready for own teachers to appear. As effective teachers we make our impact by understanding the needs of the student. We light the way and ease the way—we facilitate learning—but the student has to walk the path.

Mentoring builds powerful relationships that can last a lifetime. Success in any venture is simply the automatic consequence of being the best that one can be as a lifes...

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by DW Green — October 26, 2022

Storytelling is a strategic branding concept and storytelling as a communication tool.

Tombstone Arizona is best known for Boot Hill and the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral. It was home of the legendary Earp bothers and their nemeses the Clanton’s and Frank and Tom McLaury. The townspeople were largely Republicans from the Northern states and many of the local ranchers (some like the Clanton’s, were also rustlers) were Confederate sympathizers and Democrats. The story of Tombstone in the late 1800’s is a very interesting story. And like any great story, it includes the four basic elements of storytelling:

The Message
The Conflict
The Characters
The Plot

In business, storytelling works on two levels: Storytelling is a strategic branding concept and storytelling as a communication tool. And like the frontier boomtown story of Tombstone, it includes the same four basic elements of storytelling.

Klaus Fog writes in his excellent book, Storytelling. Branding in Practice. “Tough times lay ahead for companies that shut their eyes and continue to compete only on product and price.” ...

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Is Your Website ADA Compliant?

by DW Green — October 19, 2022

Provide a user-friendly website for all customers.

As you know the Americans Disability Act (ADA) is a civil rights law that prohibits discrimination based on disability. Including a person’s ability to successfully navigate websites. There are number of companies that provide ADA compliancy solutions.

Here are three that we use for our clients:

1. SiteImprove Daily Scanning … $7,000-$10,000/YEAR

2. BetaBreakers screen-reader user testing … $2,000-$4,000/TEST

3. AccessiBe automated web accessibility widget … $45/MONTH

We’ve had a positive experience with all three. It donned on me that the AccessiBe widget is a “visible” option for users as an ADA icon is noticeable on the homepage. It’s also a visible reminder that your company is committed to providing a user-friendly website for all customers.

Feel free to contact us for more information.

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1 Billion Trillion

by DW Green — October 12, 2022

Life Is what it Is, and what it Is, Is its meaning.

Wondering about wonder.


  • There are 1 Billion Trillion Stars in the observable universe.
  • There are 1 Billion stars in the observable Milky Way Galaxy.
  • Our Sun, the center of our solar system, is One of those Billion stars in the Milky Way!
  • Our beautiful, life supporting planet Earth, revolves around the Sun at 67,000 mph!
  • Modern Human Beings have been evolving on the planet for about 200,000 years!
  • The current world population is 7.98 billion
  • The population of the United States is 332 million
  • Just think of the countless number of brilliant, incredibly talented individuals who have collectively created the quality of life we all enjoy today.


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Things Much Bigger Than Us

by DW Green — October 5, 2022

We counteract that bias by looking at nature.

It is almost impossible to stare up at the stars and not feel something. As cosmologist Neil deGrasse Tyson has explained, the cosmos fills us with complicated emotions. On the one hand, we feel an infinitesimal smallness in comparison to the vast universe; on the other, an extreme connectedness to this larger whole.

Obviously, given that we’re in our bodies every day, it’s tempting to think that’s the most important thing in the world. But we counteract that bias by looking at nature—at things much bigger than us. Looking at the beautiful expanse of the sky is an antidote to the nagging pettiness of earthly concerns. And it is good and sobering to lose yourself in that as often as you can.

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Let Go

by DW Green — September 28, 2022

Leadership grounded in love produces an enduring value that lives in your heart and not on your résumé.

When you let go you are free. Free to see and to act without filters. Difficulties will arise, celebrations will erupt, titles and people will come and go…and you will have gleaned the most you could from every moment and created experiences that will change you and the people you serve. Pay attention to the things you hold onto in your leadership. The things that bind you. Look at them unflinchingly and see them for what they are. Then let them go.

Let go of…

Control – You don’t really have it anyway. If you think you are in control rest assured that circumstances will conspire to teach you otherwise.

Outcomes – Allow things to unfold differently than you imagined. The way you see the outcome determines what it will mean to you, not the outcome itself.

Fear – When you are afraid, you project thoughts, attitudes and beliefs onto people and situations creating serious leadership blind spots.<...

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Don’t Let Your Attention Slide

by DW Green — September 21, 2022

Attention matters.

Winifred Gallagher, in her book Rapt, quotes David Meyer, a cognitive scientist at the University of Michigan: “Einstein didn’t invent the theory of relativity while he was multitasking at the Swiss patent office.” It came after, when he really had time to focus and study. I wonder if it was an invention at all? More like a discovery!

Attention matters—and in an era in which our attention is being fought for by every new app, website, article, book, tweet, and post, its value has only gone up. Attention is a habit, and that letting your attention slip and wander builds bad habits and enables mistakes.

You’ll never complete all your tasks if you allow yourself to be distracted with every tiny interruption. Your attention is one of your most critical resources. Don’t squander it!

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