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by DW Green — May 15, 2024

Gentleness simply makes life easier.

Though gentleness may be labeled soft and weak, it is one of the most powerful forces in the universe. True gentleness means that we learn to temper our words, thoughts and actions. When we are gentle towards others, it does not mean that we allow them to walk all over us. It simply means that when we decide to take a stand in anything, we do so with respect towards others. By adding a soft touch to our doings, we create curves where there are hard edges and we trigger smiles instead of frowns. Gentleness simply makes life easier.

The most challenging practice of gentleness is to apply it to oneself. We need to let go of our self-judgements and quit being so hard on ourselves. We can hold ourselves to the highest standards, yet we can still forgive ourselves for our fallibility. For me, much easier said than done!

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