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Community Matters

by DW Green — October 4, 2017

Light of Community

I was in Denver over the weekend attending a Denver Bronco football game with my brothers. Denver is our hometown, and while we no longer live there, we’ve been fervent Bronco fans for 57 years! Avid sports fans that root and cheer for their favorite team belong to a community of fellow fans. In Denver, seeing fans donned in team colors—shirts, jerseys and caps, all wearing smiles, “high-fiving”, fist pumping and cheering Go Broncos, all share a deep connection to our beloved team. Belonging to a community is a powerful and meaningful relationship, whether it’s a sports team, a city, a school, a state, a geographic region or a nation.As business owners we’re connected to the broader community of our chosen profession. We’re connected to our employees, vendors, customers and to the communities we serve. Being mindful of those relationships in the light of community changes our perspective to service and contribution to a greater good.Perspective: the faculty of seeing all the relevant data in a meaningful relationship.

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Present-Moment Awareness

by DW Green — September 27, 2017

Live with present-moment awareness

When you are present, you are in control. When you aren’t present, you have lost control. Everything happens inside. It’s not that you are immune to external forces, only that when you notice that you aren’t present, you get back there.Find a quiet place to be alone, close your eyes, take some deep breaths, and find your center again. Doing this several times a day is a good routine, because it alerts you in a mindful way to what it feels like to be steady and present.If you are present, here and now, you are in control. The ego makes a mistake by always trying to get its own way, putting up resistance, or being right. Countless people think of those things as being in control. In reality, nothing throws you out of yourself like demanding to get what you want, resisting other people, and always having to be right.Live with present-moment awareness. That’s the ultimate secret that no amount of self-control exerted by the ego can achieve. By redefining what it means to be in control, you can achieve something invaluable for your personal success and happiness. 

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by DW Green — September 20, 2017

Experience meaning…

Finding Inner Courage by Mark Nepo is an excellent book and I highly recommend reading it. In the introduction Nepo writes; “What does courage mean? How we hold this question is important. It’s interesting that the question, what does it mean? In Spanish, que quire deicer?, literally translates as, what does it want to say? The difference inherent in the Spanish view is that whatever holds meaning is alive and has its own vital authority and, therefore, demands us to be in relationship to it in order to learn its meaning. English view readies us to apprehend meaning, while Spanish view readies us to experience meaning.”Okay, interesting quote you might say, but what does it have to do with business? In a word…everything. What does your business mean? What does it mean to you? What does it mean to your stakeholders? Human beings are meaning making machines. When our relationships and our experiences are meaningful, we are confident and comfortable with our decisions, our choices and this meaningful connection enhances our overall sense of happiness and well-being.A company’s “reasons to believe” are deeply rooted in its purpose and meaning. It’s critical that a company...
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by DW Green — September 13, 2017

Activities are the basic units of competitive advantage.

I always wanted to publish something that required portions to be redacted. Redacted statements are often found in government documents. Documents that are sensitive and top secret. Well, this letter is neither sensitive nor top secret. Just redacted.Hi Jim,I finally got signed up for Bashas’ email marketing. The emails are very similar in appearance to Albertsons, same vendor I think. Bashas’ has such a rich and unique history. It’s perplexing why Bashas’ doesn’t express its character, its singularity in a fresh, and an appealing and distinctive way. It’s as if there is a “conventional format” box that dictates how activities are to be done.Differentiation is about performing different activities from rivals or performing similar activities in different ways. Differentiation arises from both the choice of activities and how they are performed. Activities, then, are the basic units of competitive advantage. Overall advantage or disadvantage results from all of a company’s activities, not only a few.Sincerely
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Product And Service Guarantees

by DW Green — September 6, 2017


There’s no guarantee of keeping a customer for life. Though having an unconditional product and service guarantee can go a long way in keeping your base of loyal primary shoppers. A guarantee is a promise or assurance that a company will stand behind the quality of products it sells or services it performs. Guarantees build trust and loyalty with consumers. In a sense, a guarantee is a company’s commitment to the well being of its customers.5 Reasons Why A Guarantee WorksFirst, it pushes the entire company to focus on customers’ definition of good products/service, not an executive’s assumption. Second, it sets clear performance standards, which boost employee’s performance and morale. Third, it generates reliable data (through payouts) when performance is poor. Fourth, it forces an organization to examine its entire service-delivery system for possible failure points. Last, it builds customer loyalty, sales and market share.What is a good guarantee? It is (1) unconditional, (2) easy to understand and communicate, (3) meaningful, (4) easy and painless to invoke, and (5) easy and quick to collect on.Cheating. Fear of customers cheating is a big hurdle for some when considering of...
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How Open Is Your MInd

by DW Green — August 30, 2017

“Having a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing.”

I try to keep an open mind. Seems like an open mind is a good thing to have! I encourage my staff, friends and family members to keep their minds open, to be receptive to new ideas and different perspectives about work and life events.I read an article on open mindedness by Dr. Wayne Dyer yesterday. The article got me thinking, how really open is my mind? What may be blocking or restricting my desire to keep an open mind? I really never thought about an open mind in this context. Dr. Dyer’s article below.“Having a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing sounds easy until you think about how much conditioning has taken place in your life, and how many of your current thoughts were influenced by geography, the religious beliefs of your ancestors, the color of your skin, the shape of your eyes, the political orientation of your parents, your size, your gender, the schools that were selected for you, and the vocation of your great-grandparents, to list only some possibilities. You showed up here as a tiny infant capable of an infinite number of potentialities. Many of your choices remain unexplored because of a hopefully well-intentioned conditioning program ...
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Misused Resources

by DW Green — August 23, 2017

Success depends on the trade-offs

I remember reading the following many years ago. It made sense then and makes more sense today. “Because you can’t be everything to all people successfully, you must purposefully limit what you offer and to whom. Choices about what not to do are just as important as choices about what to do. Your success depends on the trade-offs you are willing to make.”In the context of brick and mortar retailing versus online retailing the above quote is even more telling. Each retail format has its own competitive advantage. And since both operate with limited resources, decisions on how best to utilize those resources that support their competitive advantage is critical. Technology investment must also support the customer shopping experience, whether in-store or online.Often times retail storeowners misuse resources on activities that do not directly enhance their unique customer experience advantage.

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by DW Green — August 16, 2017

An ocean of ego

We go through life doing life stuff. We work and play. We do things with family and friends; support our communities and causes we believe in. On occasion we may think of our ego and the role it plays in our lives. We all have one. I personally find the ego a fascinating subject. I do my best to keep it in check, but it’s definitely a struggle.The following is a great description of ego, written by Eckhart Tolle.“A human being doesn’t know that he or she is immersed in an ocean of ego (their own and every one else’s), unless some rare and unusual experience pulls them out of it into a higher or deeper dimension of experience. Usually, this experience is welcomed, but after a little while, we start to squirm and flail about in discomfort. We long to return to the safe confines of the ego mind.We secretly love our ego because it gives us our identity. Without the ego and its rich and varied content, we feel as though we are nothing at all. We may even feel that we don’t exist.The ego provides us our sense of identity through objects we own that make a statement about who we are: a nice car, a beautiful home, pretty clothes, the newest electronic gadgets, the best music collection. We surround ourselves with objects...
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Mind Games

by DW Green — August 9, 2017

Filtering your reality

I usually think of mind games as something individuals intentionally play on rivals, subordinates, and peers. It happens in politics (North Korea), office politics, in sports and relationships, used to gain advantage, manipulate or intimidate. It all seems pretty creepy to me. But as it turns out, we all play mind games with ourselves practically everyday.This internal mind game consists of the tricks your mind plays on you, making you see reality according to old memories, fears, wounds, prejudices, outworn beliefs, second-hand opinions, and early conditioning. When you are aware your mind is filtering your reality based on the past, you can change it with that awareness. In fact, awareness is the change.Awareness is huge. Seemingly so simple, yet so difficult to cultivate and sustain.

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Detach from the Outcome

by DW Green — August 3, 2017

Be your true self

Attachment is one of those awareness things. If your not aware of being attached to something, attachment just happens. But when you become aware that you’re attached to something, you can choose to remain attached or you can choose to detach yourself from it. Being attached to outcomes is particularly problematic. Why? Because you can’t control outcomes. One is responsible for the intention and effort but not the result, which is dependent on many other conditions and factors that are nonpersonal.It’s common to attach yourself to outcomes in an automatic and seemingly unconscious way. Notice where in life you are attached to the way something “should” be, whether that’s with people, circumstances, or yourself. By noticing when (not if) you are attached, you can consciously choose to detach, which frees you to:
  • Be your true self
  • Say what you truly feel
  • Allow others to be themselves
Detachment is freedom. This freedom is the “not knowing” or the field of uncertainty marked by:
  • Magic
  • Mystery
  • Adventure
It’s human nature to want to know how things will turn out. But, if you already know the ending, that’s no fun. Let go, detach, and enj...
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