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by DW Green — May 7, 2024

In business, you can plan, prepare, strategize, and execute, but trying to force or control an outcome often backfires.

Let’s face it, farts can be amusing…at least the audible portion. The sounds range from a soft whisper to an elaborate orchestral performance. Oddly enough, the accompanying smell, regardless of the volume, can be equally pungent! Farts, like life, just happen. But when you try to force, control or resist one, embarrassing situations tend to occur.In business, you can plan, prepare, strategize, and execute, but trying to force or control an outcome often backfires. With this fart analogy, I may be pushing things too far. Allow me to move in a different direction…Ultimately, being true to yourself, doing your best, providing meaningful solutions to customers, connecting with them emotionally, and differentiating your offerings are what matter most. Don’t get too hung up on forced metaphors or gimmicks. Focus on authentic value.

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Worried or Annoyed

by DW Green — May 1, 2024

Living life is indeed a challenge, but living an illusion is untenable.

Recently, I read the following quotes that seem to convey the same message – allowing fear and illusion to influence our behavior. The problem is, we don’t always recognize the truthfulness of our own thoughts.“The reason why worry kills more people than work is that more people worry than work.” – Robert Frost“Hunger and exhaustion are physically based. But being annoyed is a concoction based on expectations and the stories we tell ourselves. We can change the story if we try.” – Seth GodinLiving life is indeed a challenge, but living an illusion is untenable. We must learn to discern truth from the fears and fictions that can cloud our minds. Questioning the basis of our thoughts and emotions, rather than blindly accepting them, allows us to break free from cycles of needless worry and self-deception. Only by confronting the stories we tell ourselves can we hope to align our perceptions with reality.

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For The Love Of Love

by DW Green — April 24, 2024

What we affirm in others, we actually affirm in ourselves.

Seems like the world could use a huge dose of LOVE right now!With love we are heartfelt, generous, nurturing, affectionate, steadfast, and forgiving. Love is protective, collaborative, uplifting, holistic, and gracious. Love is characterized by warmth, gratitude, appreciation, humility, completion, vision, and purity of motive. Love is a way of being.Everyone has the opportunity to contribute to the beauty and harmony of the world by showing kindness to all living things and, thereby, supporting the human spirit. That which we freely give to life flows back to us because we are equally part of that life. Like ripples on the water, every gift returns to the giver. What we affirm in others, we actually affirm in ourselves.Love is a core value of DW Green Company. Remaining mindful of loving behavior is crucial during challenging times.

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by DW Green — April 17, 2024

Be concerned with how you are treating others.

Are managers overly concerned about whether or not their employees “like them”? It’s a philosophy of life question that everyone needs to answer for him or herself. A question that needs to be answered whether one is in a leadership position or not. To me it’s an integrity question.If you strip away the ego B.S. that shows up everyday…power, authority, company politics, control, judgment and approval…life is about choices. On how we choose to react to what happens to us. You can choose to accept the situation, try to change it or leave. Choosing which way to respond is both simple and difficult. It is the awareness of the choice you are making that’s important. If you choose to accept an uncomfortable, difficult or demeaning situation then at least you know you are making a conscious decision to do so. When your personal integrity is at stake, you will eventually do what is best for who you are as a person.Rather than worrying yourself with how others are treating you, just be concerned with how you are treating others.

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Fairness and Justice

by DW Green — April 10, 2024

We are not responsible for all that befalls us.

I offer what has surprised me when thinking of fairness and justice: that life is not fair, but unending in its capacity to change us; that compassion is fair and feeling is just; and that we are not responsible for all that befalls us, only for how we receive it and how we hold each other up along the way.Live today. Remove all blame from your vocabulary. Catch yourself when you find yourself using your past history as a reason for your failure to act today, and instead say, “I am free now to detach myself from what used to be.”Yep. Life is life, and it unfolds on its own accord. We can only control our reaction to what happens to us.

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Did You Know?

by DW Green — April 3, 2024

The American Indian is greatly honored everywhere.

The impact of Native American spirituality had a profound effect on the founding fathers of the Constitution of the United States in that the Congress is almost an exact replica of the political structure of Iroquois Nation. WOW!In more recent times, that Native American spirituality has been weakened by politicians and resultant exploitation. In reality, the American Indian is greatly honored everywhere. Whole states, cities, rivers, mountains, and great lakes are named after them. The greatest sports teams, noted for courage and bravery, proudly carry their name; yet, the political distortion is to declare that such honors are really defamations and politically incorrect. How such glory could be misconstrued as an indignity is beyond comprehension, but it demonstrates how truth gets distorted into its opposite for political gain.

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The Local Advantage

by DW Green — March 27, 2024

The true strength of local businesses lies in their ability to foster deep emotional connections with their community.

It’s evident that there’s a growing appreciation for the unique value that local businesses bring to communities. While being locally owned can be an initial draw for consumers, it’s essential for local retailers to continually strive for excellence in various operational aspects to maintain and enhance their competitive edge against national or regional chains.

Consumers expect local businesses to offer products of comparable quality and variety, provide excellent customer service, maintain clean and inviting stores, and pay attention to details like product presentation, signage, and stock conditions. However, simply meeting these standards may not be enough to differentiate a local retailer from larger competitors.

The true strength of local businesses lies in their ability to foster deep emotional connections with their community. This emotional bond is fueled by authenticity, which can be expressed through various means such as tailored merchandising and messaging, leveraging local knowledge and insights, and fostering meaningful interactions between employees and ...

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Becoming An Expert In What Matters

by DW Green — March 20, 2024

At the end of your time on this planet, what expertise is going to be more valuable…

The things some people manage to be experts in: fantasy sports, celebrity trivia, derivatives and commodities markets, thirteenth-century hygiene habits of the clergy.We can get very good at what we’re paid to do, or adept at a hobby we wish we could be paid to do. Yet our own lives, habits, and tendencies might be a mystery to us.At the end of your time on this planet, what expertise is going to be more valuable—your understanding of matters of living and dying, or your knowledge of the ’87 Bears? Which will help your children more—your insight into happiness and meaning, or that you followed breaking political news every day for thirty years?

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Never Do Anything Out of Habit

by DW Green — March 13, 2024

Ask yourself: Is this really the best way to do it?

A worker asked: “Why did you do it this way?” The answer, “Because that’s the way we’ve always done things.” The answer frustrates every good boss and sets the mouth of every entrepreneur watering. The worker has stopped thinking and is mindlessly operating out of habit. The business is ripe for disruption by a competitor, and the worker will probably get fired by any thinking boss.We should apply the same ruthlessness to our own habits. In fact, we study philosophy precisely to break ourselves of rote behavior. Find what you do out of rote memory or routine. Ask yourself: Is this really the best way to do it? Know why you do what you do—do it for the right reasons.

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Look for the Genius in Others

by DW Green — March 6, 2024

Tell others about their genius.

Pay attention to the greatness you observe in as many people as possible, and if you don’t see it at first, then spend some mental energy looking for it. The more you’re inclined to think in genius terms, the more natural it becomes for you to apply the same standards to yourself. Tell others about their genius. Be as complimentary and authentic as you can. In doing so, you’ll radiate loving, kind, abundant, creative energy. In a universe that operates on energy and attraction, you’ll find these same qualities returning to you.

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