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1 Billion Trillion

by DW Green — March 18, 2020

Life Is what it Is, and what it Is, Is its meaning.

Wondering about wonder.Imagine:
  • There are 1 Billion Trillion Stars in the observable universe.
  • There are 1 Billion stars in the observable Milky Way Galaxy.
  • Our Sun, the center of our solar system, is One of those Billion stars in the Milky Way!
  • Our beautiful, life supporting planet Earth, revolves around the Sun at 67,000 mph!
  • Modern Human Beings have been evolving on the planet for about 200,000 years!
  • The current world population is 7.8 billion
  • The population of the United States is 331 million
  • Just think of the countless number of brilliant, incredibly talented individuals who have collectively created the quality of life we all enjoy today.
It is with deep love, compassion, humility, equanimity and Presence that I accept and honor the perfection of Life’s unfolding. Life Is what it Is and what it Is, Is its meaning. I stand for Being with and noticing Life, without judgment in its immeasurable glory!

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The Real Source of Harm

by DW Green — March 11, 2020

Our reaction is what actually decides whether harm has occurred.

There really is no such thing as an objectively good or bad occurrence. When a billionaire loses $1 million in market fluctuation, it’s not the same as when you and I lose a million dollars. Criticism from your worst enemy is received differently than negative words from a spouse. If someone sends you an angry email but you never see it, did it actually happen? In other words, these situations require our participation, context, and categorization in order to be “bad.”Our reaction is what actually decides whether harm has occurred. If we feel that we’ve been wronged and get angry, of course that’s how it will seem. If we raise our voice because we feel we’re being confronted, naturally a confrontation will ensue.But if we retain control of ourselves, we decide whether to label something good or bad. In fact, if that same event happened to us at different points in our lifetime, we might have very different reactions. So why not choose now to not apply these labels? Why not choose not to react?

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Only Bad Dreams

by DW Green — March 5, 2020

Many of the things that upset us are a product of the imagination, not reality.

The author Raymond Chandler* was describing most of us when he wrote in a letter to his publisher, “I never looked back, although I had many uneasy periods looking forward.” Thomas Jefferson once joked in a letter to John Adams, “How much pain have cost us the evils which never happened!” And Seneca would put it best: “There is nothing so certain in our fears that’s not yet more certain in the fact that most of what we dreamed comes to nothing.”Many of the things that upset us are a product of the imagination, not reality. Unfortunately, and sadly, this is very true. Like dreams, they are vivid and realistic at the time but preposterous once we come out of it. In a dream, we never stop to think and say: “Does this make any sense?” No, we go along with it. The same goes with our flights of anger or fear or other extreme emotions.Getting upset is like continuing the dream while you’re awake. The thing that provoked you wasn’t real—but your reaction was. And so from the fake comes real consequences. Which is why you need to wake up right now instead of creating a nightmare.*Raymond Chandler was an American-British novelist and ...
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Think Before You Act

by DW Green — February 26, 2020

“Why did I do that?”

Think before you act. How many times have you heard that? Too many times for me!“Why did I do that?” you’ve probably asked yourself. “How could I have been so stupid? What was I thinking?” You weren’t. That’s the problem. Within the head of yours is all the reason and intelligence you need. It’s making sure that your mind is in charge, not your emotions, not your immediate physical sensations, not your surging hormones.Fix your attention on your intelligence. Let it do its thing.

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You Don’t Have To Have An Opinion

by DW Green — February 19, 2020

It is possible to hold no opinion about a negative thing.

Here’s a funny exercise: think about all the upsetting things you don’t know about—stuff people might have said about you behind your back, mistakes you might have made that never came to your attention, things you dropped or lost without even realizing it. What’s your reaction? You don’t have one because you don’t know about it.In other words, it is possible to hold no opinion about a negative thing. You just need to cultivate that power instead of wielding it accidentally. Especially when having an opinion is likely to make us aggravated. Practice the ability of having absolutely no thoughts about something—act as if you had no idea it ever occurred. Or that you’ve never heard of it before. Let it become irrelevant or nonexistent to you. It’ll be a lot less powerful this way.

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Anger Is Bad Fuel

by DW Green — February 12, 2020

What happens when that initial anger runs out?

Getting angry almost never solves anything. Usually, it makes things worse. We get upset, then the other person gets upset—now everyone is upset, and the problem is no closer to getting solved.Many successful people will try to tell you that anger is a powerful fuel in their lives. The desire to “prove them all wrong” or “shove it in their faces” has made many a millionaire. The anger being called fat or stupid has created fine physical specimens and brilliant minds. The anger at being rejected has motivated many to carve their own path.But that’s shortsighted. Such stories ignore the pollution produced as a side effect and the wear and tear it put on the engine. It ignores what happens when that initial anger runs out—and how now more and more must be generated to keep the machine going (until, eventually, the only source left is anger at oneself). “Hate is too great a burden to bear,” Martin Luther King Jr. warned his fellow civil rights leaders in 1967, even though they had every reason to respond to hate with hate.The same is true with anger—in fact, it’s true for most extreme emotions. They are toxic fuel. There’s plenty of it out in the world, no question...
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For The Hot-Headed Man

by DW Green — February 5, 2020

Anger is not impressive or tough—it’s a mistake.

Why do athletes talk trash to each other? Why do they deliberately say offensive and nasty things to their competitors when the refs aren’t looking? To provoke a reaction. Distracting and anger opponents is an easy way to knock them off their game.Try to remember that when you find yourself getting mad. Anger is not impressive or tough—it’s a mistake. It’s weakness. Depending on what you’re doing, it might even be a trap that someone laid for you.Fans and opponents called boxer Joe Louis the “Ring Robot” because he was utterly unemotional—his cold, calm demeanor was far more terrifying that any crazed look or emotional outburst would have been.Strength is the ability to maintain a hold of oneself. It’s being the person who never gets mad, who cannot be rattled, because they are in control of their passions—rather than controlled by their passions.


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What We Control and What We Don’t

by DW Green — January 29, 2020

You don’t control the situation, but you control what you think about it.

Today, you won’t control the external events that happen. Is that scary? A little, but it’s balanced when we see that we can control our opinion about those events. You decide whether they’re good or bad, whether they’re fair or unfair. You don’t control the situation, but you control what you think about it.See how that works? Every single thing that is outside your control—the outside world, other people, luck, karma, whatever—still presents a corresponding area that is in your control. This alone gives us plenty to manage, plenty of power.Best of all, an honest understanding of what is within our control provides real clarity about the world: all we have is our own mind. Remember that today when you try to extend your reach outward—that it’s much better and more appropriately directed inward.

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Who, What, Where, When, and Why, 2.0

by DW Green — January 22, 2020

“Who are you?”

The late comedian Mitch Hedberg (died at age 37) had a funny story he told in his act. Sitting down for an on-air interview, a radio DJ asked him, “So, who are you?” In that moment, he had to think, Is this guy really deep or did I drive to the wrong station? How often are we asked a simple question like, “Who are you?” or “What do you do?” or “Where are you from?” Considering it a superficial question—if we even consider it all—we don’t bother with more than a superficial answer.But, gun to their head, most people couldn’t give much in the way of a substantive answer. Could you? Have you taken the time to get clarity about who you are and what you stand for? Or are you too busy chasing unimportant things, mimicking the wrong influences, and following disappointing or unfulfilling or nonexistent paths?

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Be Ruthless To The Things That Don’t Matter

by DW Green — January 14, 2020

The more you say no to the things that don’t matter, the more you can yes to the things that do.

One of the hardest things to do in life is to say “No.” To invitations, to requests, to obligations, to the stuff that everyone else is doing. Even harder is saying no to certain time-consuming emotions: anger, excitement, distraction, obsession, lust. None of these impulses feels like a big deal by itself, but run amok, they become a commitment like anything else.If you’re not careful, these are precisely the impositions that will overwhelm and consume your life. Do you ever wonder how you can get some of your time back, how you can feel less busy? Start by learning the power of “No!”— as in “No thank you,” and “No, I’m not going to get caught up in that,” and “No, I just can’t right now.” It may hurt some feelings. It may turn people off. It may take some hard work. But the more you say no to the things that don’t matter, the more you can yes to the things that do. This will let you live and enjoy your life—the life that you want.

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