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by DW Green — July 25, 2018

perspective: nounThe faculty of seeing all the relevant data in a meaningful relationship:

Seeing all the relevant data in a meaningful relationship.

Your data is admirably detailed but it lacks perspective. Sometimes I think we lose perspective in our decision making. Too often we focus on the seemingly obvious, short-term effect/benefit of our decisions. There’s no right or wrong here, though perspective can add a long-term meaningful view.This week one of our clients requested assistance on a magazine ad for a dog show publication. Here’s the relevant data. The owner has a Champion sheepdog she is entering into a competition. She is expecting to pay for the magazine ad. She’s been involved with show dogs for many years. She is a wonderful person, an excellent and wise leader and has been a client for ten years. It’s been an honor to work with her and her management team. I have three billing choices:
  1. Bill for time spent at our normal hourly rate.
  2. Bill for time spent at cost.
  3. Donate the time to enhance our meaningful relationship.
 In the scheme of life and from a long-term perspective, the billing choice is a no brainer. Donate the time and support and hono...
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Ad Sales

by DW Green — July 17, 2018

We visited a Wisconsin retailer last week. They have three great stores! They are clean, well merchandised, and well signed. They emanate an incredible amount of positive energy! I was impressed!

“The purpose of print and digital ads is to attract shoppers to your store.”

A conversation regarding ad sales came up during our meeting. Apparently, ad sales from the front-page items of their weekly ad (17 items) account for 4% of total sales. Seems pretty good to me. However, there is no way to measure the effect of the print ad with respect to that 4% of sales. I imagine a portion of those ad sales is the result of excellent product merchandising and product signage.In my view, the purpose and value of the weekly print or digital ad is to attract customers to the store. Even ad shoppers will purchase additional items, some which may be on sale but not advertised. Less is more with the weekly ad. Fewer items with a bigger markdown will attract more customers!

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by DW Green — July 9, 2018

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Thoughtfulness is a habit.

Thoughtfulness. A simple enough concept; yet not always easy to practice. Once mastered, however, it is one of the greatest gifts you can give; and not just to friends and loved ones on special occasions and holidays… but to everyone, always. And, as you establish yourself as thoughtful to others, they’ll go out of their way to please you back. Thoughtfulness is a habit; internalized, it becomes a way of life, a part of our being.It’s always cool when a renowned business expert validates a belief. Here’s a short article on thoughtfulness by Tom Peters.Service: on Thoughtfulness —Tom PetersI think it was the recession—the great recession, or whatever you want to call it—that really got me thinking about this. You know, when times are very tough and tough decisions have to be made, as they certainly have to be made, fundamental human decency toward one another is arguably more important than at any other time.And somehow or another, the word thoughtfulness came into my mind. And I like the word thoughtfulness. And then the next step in this process—and I’d ask you to think about this—many of you, most of you, probably have some kind of value statement. P...
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A Company of Purpose, a Company with a Soul

by DW Green — July 3, 2018

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“The more we shift the focus from our desires to wanting more for others, the richer we become.” —Wayne Dyer

Years ago, I was humbled to participate in a tribute to one of our clients in the Northwest. This year that client is celebrating their sixtieth year in business. Among others, I was interviewed, on video no less, on their behalf. I was presented with a list of questions to address by the interviewer ahead of time. As I was preparing my responses, I realized, from my perspective, what the essence of my clients company truly is.To me, our client is a humanistic company. It is a company with a soul. And from the depths of their soul, the will to give uncommon service to all stakeholders flows. This company is imbued with the joy of service, to the community, to society, to the environment, to customers, and to associates. Their core business practice is BEING of Service to their stakeholders.Their leadership believes in purpose and in meaning and the well being of its stakeholders—employees, customers, suppliers, business partners, and society. They facilitate, encourage, reward, recognize, and celebrate their employees for being of service to each other, to customers and to the communities...
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“Walk A Mile In His Shoes”

by DW Green — June 27, 2018

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We miss the message because we dislike the messenger.

I’ve mentioned Scott Mabry in past blogs. Even shared some of his work. I really enjoy Scott’s writing and his perspective on leadership. I would encourage you to sign up for his weekly blog posts (  His posts are terrific—I always learn from his writing. The following is a blog post from April 25, 2018, entitled TAKE A WALK. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.“Before you criticize a man, walk a mile in his shoes. That way, when you do criticize him, you’ll be a mile away and have his shoes.” ― Steve MartinIt wouldn’t be as funny if we didn’t recognize how often people really do behave this way.Why is it so rare for people to understand and appreciate another person’s experience before judging their behavior or actions?And why is it so rare for a leader to listen to the voice of their employees or recognize the effect of their misapplied criticism?This concept of walking in another person’s shoes is grounded in ancient wisdom. Most of us embrace the idea and even more, we expect it from others. Yet in practice, it seems more a platitude than a value.I supp...
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Open to Everything

by DW Green — June 20, 2018

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I’ve not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that don’t work. – Thomas Edison

“Have a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing.”This seems like a principle to live life by. I’d like to think I have an open mind, or mostly an open mind! But then this statement isn’t about having an open mind, it’s about having a mind that is open to everything. I’m sure I’ve discounted or rejected things from either an unwitting bias or an unpleasant or unsuccessful comparable experience. A mind that is open to everything is a mind that is open to trying new and different things, and understanding a different point of view, a different way of doing, of being.I think the second part of the statement “attached to nothing” is more difficult to achieve. Why? Because what we’re attached to, is often an attachment to our identity. If I do this or that, I might look dumb, or unsophisticated or foolish or some other negative quality. Those are possible outcomes. I know I’ve looked dumb, unsophisticated, foolish and have failed to understand a different point of view. And I’m sure it cost me business and professional standing. But letting go of my identity to try and explore new things is both rewarding and satisfyi...
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Happy Father’s Day

by DW Green — June 13, 2018

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Parents are not for leaning upon.

Happy Father’s Day, Fathers!“Parents are not for leaning upon, but rather exist to make leaning unnecessary.”—Wayne DyerLetter written on June 9, 2002.Hi Dad,It’s been a very long six years since you have been gone. I love you dad and I miss you so very much. I just want you to know I think of you every day. You are a great father. You not only left a financial legacy for your children and grand children but more important you left a moral and human compass for us to live by. Your work ethic, your strength of character, your sense of humor, your selflessness, your loving commitment to your family are only a few examples of the qualities you lived by. I miss the opportunity to talk with you, to learn from you, to soak up your wisdom and your gentle and loving spirit. I’m happy you are with mom and I’m looking forward to the day when we can be together again.Thanks dad, I love you and god bless.Your number two son and namesake,DW

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Mass Media

by DW Green — June 6, 2018

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Markets are fluid.

I’ve never believed that the large supermarket chains have all the answers to food retailing issues. No one does.However, some companies like Wegman’s, Kroger, H.E.B, Hy-Vee, and Publix are industry leaders and innovators. Their economy of scale provides extensive research budgets to measure the effectiveness of advertising channels. These companies and others continue to use print ads and broadcast media as an important part of their marketing mix. I imagine if they were not providing a benefit (sales revenue) resources would be reinvested in other channels. Email marketing, social media marketing and loyalty marketing programs are excellent channels for connecting with your current customer base, but less effective in driving new customers to your stores. Markets are fluid, new consumers move in and others move out. Some are aware of your store and your offerings and some are not. Reaching out to new customers via mass media is still viable and an important consideration.

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Who Would Have Thunk

by DW Green — May 30, 2018

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“Staff recommends” signage.

I really enjoyed Adam’s blog today. The power of any relationship activity that builds a personal bond with customers can’t be overstated.This verbal connection reminds me of the non-verbal activity of store signage. Many of our clients use “staff recommends” signage on products that delight department experts based on their knowledge and training. Sharing their expertise with customers at point of purchase help make a meaningful selection for the customer. Sharing that personal knowledge of products with customers reflects on the overall professionalism of the retailer and a reason to believe in the competency and knowledge of the company. Recently I had dinner at a local steak house. The server recommended a bone-in filet mignon. I had never had a bone-in filet mignon and didn’t know such a cut even existed! The taste was awesome! Who would have thunk a bone could add so much flavor to a steak! Shelf signage that points out an expert’s opinion can make a difference with the customers meal and enhances the trust and creditability of your company.

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You See Things As You Are

by DW Green — May 23, 2018

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We live in our description of reality.

We live in our description of reality. Sometimes when I’m watching network news, I think “what the heck is really going on?” It’s like they’re reporting on two different realities. Which version is true?I read this article, What Makes You Think You’re Right, by Tris Thorp. It’s interesting. Seems there are many different realities!“Have you ever wondered why other people don’t see things the same way you do? Isn’t it baffling that you don’t necessarily share the same viewpoints or beliefs even when you come from the same family? You absorb and filter information through your own experiences, which affects your viewpoints.From a psychological perspective, you have your own internal set of core values, beliefs, memories, and quality of emotion. With every external event you experience, the information comes in and is filtered through your emotions, memories, beliefs, and values. How you “see” yourself, others, and the world you live in will be flavored by what you’ve experienced or believe to be true. What you don’t realize is that it’s only true for you. There will be an entirely different reality for another person, and another, and so on. ...
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