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by DW Green — May 22, 2024

The most important factors in communication are honesty and intent.

In Japan, there is a tradition known as haragei, which refers to the subtle communication that occurs between people through chemistry, facial expressions, body language, and intuition. It has been proven that a significant percentage of all communication between humans takes place at this unconscious level. In haragei, the most important factors in communication are honesty and intent.

If you are concealing something, no matter how adept you think you are at hiding it, it will always be communicated at an unconscious level. Even if we override our own intuition, the hidden factor will eventually surface at some point in the relationship, often leading to a crisis.

Just as in haragei, honesty and intent are paramount in all aspects of life and communication. When we communicate with sincerity and truthfulness, we build trust and foster deeper connections with others. On the other hand, when we conceal our true intentions or feelings, we create barriers and undermine the foundation of our relationships.

To cultivate meaningful and authentic relationships, it is essential to practice open and honest communication. By being true to ourselves and others, we can create an environment where genuine understanding and connection can flourish.

In a world where communication is increasingly digital and fast-paced, the principles of haragei serve as a reminder of the importance of being present, attentive, and sincere in our interactions. By embracing these values, we can build stronger, more fulfilling relationships and create a more harmonious society.

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