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Email Etiquette

by Adam Zack — June 17, 2020

Words matter

There’s certain people that I correspond with by email regularly that always take the time to make their email, whether initiated or in response, warm and personal. It’s probably part of their email signature, but ending it with Thanks! Always makes me feel a little more positive. It’s like the verbally spoken “please” and “thank you” – words matter. With email correspondence so frequent, especially in this time of stay-at-home and isolation, the small touches like “Have a great day” or “I really appreciate your help” mean a lot in business relationships. I also correspond a lot with people whose emails convey coldness. One-word answers. Short sentence responses like “I know” or “OK” (or worse yet ; “K”). Maybe I’m the sensitive type and in the minority, but when I get what I call “cold emails”, it always makes me wonder if I did something to piss this person off? Or are they in a bad mood? Or are they just a dick? Your words, both written and verbal, have the ability to enhance your relationships. You cannot tell me you’re too busy to type “Thanks, I appreciate your time” or “Have a great weekend”. No one is that busy where 5 extra seconds is going to ruin your schedule. If you meet in person and at the end of the conversation you just turned and left – no acknowledgement at all, you’d be considered rude and ungracious, right?

So, thank you for reading this. I always appreciate the positive feedback and hope the rest of your week is productive, happy and profitable.

PS – How’s the family? Tell your wife I said hi.

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2 responses to “Email Etiquette”

  1. LILA FULTON says:

    I always come away from your blog w/ something good…..not too old to learn is what I say,
    thanks Adam.

    ps I learned the response “k” from the grand kids……guess they can’t always teach us new things that are positive…

  2. LILA FULTON says:

    ….and your momma always said:
    “if you can’t say something nice don’t say

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