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Personal Judgment

by DW Green — June 17, 2020

The ego just “loves” suffering a “wrong”.

Do you remember the 1978 novel The World According to Garp by John Irving? Later made into the 1982 movie starring Robin Williams. I loved the book. I like John Irving and Robin Williams. I also like eating waffles for dinner on Taco Tuesday.

This has nothing to do with The World According to Garp. It has to do with the world according to the ego. Personal judgment is based on perception that is reinforced by belief and prior programming, all of which are held in place by the payoff of the negative energies of the ego. Holy moly! The ego just “loves” suffering a “wrong,” being the martyr, being misunderstood, and being the endless victims of life’s changing conditions. Consequently, it gets an enormous payoff—not only from the positionality itself but also from sympathy, self-pity, entitlements, importance, or being “center stage” in which the self is the hero or heroine of the melodrama. This explains a lot about why things happen in the world!

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