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Special Anniversary Ads

by webmaster — September 19, 2009

Every year we get calls from retailers asking for help for a “special anniversary ad.” Normally the special ads are for the 20th, 30th, 40th, or 50th anniversary. Maybe even a 90th anniversary!

Why wait 10 years between anniversaries to celebrate?

Here’s a couple of suggestions to help you market your anniversary every year.

  1. Get a special logo design for your anniversary. This will allow you to promote your anniversary on every page of your weekly ads, store posters and shelf signage. Here’s an example of a very simple anniversary design:

    Simple Anniversary Design

    click to view gallery

  2. Celebrate the anniversary for an entire month — not just one week! If you are celebrating a milestone anniversary (20, 30, 40, 50) we’d recommend that you celebrate the anniversary all year. Incorporate the special anniversary logo to accompany your normal logo in all ads. Here’s an example of a milestone anniversary logo:

    Milestone Anniversary Design

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  3. If you’re going to celebrate an anniversary – how about some presents (for your customers)? Thank your customers for supporting your store. Gift Card giveways are a great way to celebrate.

    Gift Card Giveaways

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  4. Include some interesting copy about the history of your store. If you’re lacking history (interesting history that is) about your store, you may want to include some history of supermarkets in general over the decades. Here’s a link to FMI’s website posting for 75 ideas for 75 years. Interesting information, including 1972: The year that many retailers elected to try 24 hour store operating hours.

    Store History

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  5. Celebrate with special anniversary bag designs for milestone anniversary. If you’re going to celebrate the anniversary all year, why not have a special anniversary bag design?
  6. Send out some press releases commemorating the milestone anniversary. Better yet, encourage your local newspaper to interview a founding member – 1st, 2nd or 3rd generation to talk about the changes in the business over the decades.
  7. Tie in a “Customer Appreciation Day” with your Anniversary celebration. Thank your customers for their patronage and encourage them to register in your store for special customer appreciation prizes.

    Customer Appreciation Day

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  8. How about some special direct mail marketing events? We’ve worked with retailers who have used large envelopes to stuff special offer sheets along with a letter from the Owner/Manager announcing the upcoming anniversary event. You can also send out postcards announcing your anniversary. (see example of front and backside of a postcard):
    Direct Mail Marketing | Front

    click to view gallery

    click to view gallery

  9. It’s a good idea to include a simple map to your stores for those that haven’t found their way to your store yet – especially if the anniversary is a first or second year anniversary:
    Anniversary Ad w/ Map | A

    click to view gallery

    click to view gallery

  10. Use the special anniversary as a reason to celebrate with special offers that your competitors won’t have available the same week. Use the special features to draw traffic by using at least 40% of the front page of your weekly ad.

    Anniversary Special Offers

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Need some help planning your next anniversary sale? Just call and we can help you prepare a great event worth celebrating.

Have a great week.

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