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How is your Fall "Curb Appeal?"

by webmaster — October 8, 2009

Supermarkets have something in common with those trying to sell their homes in this difficult economy.

First, you need to attract potential buyers to your front door by offering great curb appeal. In the case of those trying to sell homes and with supermarkets, you need to do more than simply providing a presentable front yard or parking lot as cars fly by. Having just a presentable curb appeal won’t cut it in today’s economy – you need to have an inviting curb appeal that warmly welcomes customers to your store.

Pumpkin Display

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Jackolantern Display

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It’s much more than sweeping the parking lot and removing the litter. Spring and Fall are the two times of the year that you can really differentiate your store from competitors with some extra attention to outdoor signage and merchandising.

Welcome to our Family

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Check your parking lot to see how inviting your curb appeal is compared to other nearby businesses. In most areas supermarket retailers are not prohibited from using a modest amount of exterior signage to welcome customers. The example at left states “Welcome to our Family.” Unfortunately, many retailers are more apt to allow beer or soda vendors to display signs in the parking area than they are to take the time to present a more welcoming message. Don’t allow obtrusive parking lot signage promoting vendor brands – you should be promoting your brand.

Neat and Clean Entryway

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Lack of Curb Appeal

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As shown in the left photo – keep your entryway neat and clean. As depicted in the photo at right, there’s always the temptation to sell your favorite soft drink suppliers products in vending machines, keep in mind that a store front covered up with vending machine sure isn’t very inviting to new customers. Ice machines, newspaper machines and soft drink vending machines just aren’t inviting.

Mission Statement

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If you’re really interested in welcoming new customers, it’s a great idea to tell them what your business is all about – before they enter your store. A small sign by the front entrance works great, as does a “Welcome” sign.

Have a great week!

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