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What's In-Store For Fall?

by webmaster — September 16, 2010

Special events, eye-catching displays and seasonally themed promotions that create a fun and unique shopping experience for customers of all ages. Here are three fall-inspired ideas to help you make the most of the upcoming fall season:

1. How does your curb appeal compare to other businesses’ nearby? Pay extra attention to your outdoor signage and merchandising, and look for new opportunities to make your store’s exterior more inviting: fall is one of the best times of year to set your store, and your brand, apart from the competition. Fall floral displays, bountiful pumpkin patches, and branded parking lot banners done in an autumnal color palette can go a long way in helping to attract new customers, while warmly welcoming returning shoppers to your store.

2. Autumn is apple season, which means it’s the perfect time of year to showcase the quality and freshness of this spectacular seasonal treat, while finding new ways to inform and inspire your customers. Use signage, one-sheets or fliers to describe the flavor profiles of each apple variety you offer, and highlight the best varieties for baking pies, making applesauce, or eating out of hand. Recommend the perfect cheese and apple pairings, (include a coupon for the cheeses you’re recommending in the printed piece or next to the display) or use a map to show where in the country each apple comes from. Offer samples of different apple varieties so shoppers can experience the differences in taste and texture, or provide seasonally themed recipe cards using apples as the main ingredient.

3. Organize a pumpkin-decorating contest and give customers the opportunity to decorate (not carve) a pumpkin for a chance to win an in-store gift card or another great prize. Call for pumpkin entries in categories such as “most creative,” “scariest” or “best kid creation.” Display the decorated pumpkins in-store, assign each pumpkin with a number, and encourage shoppers to vote for their favorites for a chance to win a gift card of their own. For every $5 or $10 a customer spends, give them a ballot at checkout to fill out with their name, contact info, and the number of their favorite pumpkins in each category. Display photos of the winning pumpkins at the front of the store, and award prizes to the winners. This type of buzz-building activity is a great way to attract some local media attention, so consider sending out a press release to local media outlets containing contest details and more information!

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