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3 Ways to Use Category Identifiers

by Ryan Joy — January 7, 2011

Example Category Identifier1. Use wayfinders to invite rather than just direct.
Center store aisles are often perceived to be lifeless and uninteresting. The flat symmetry of aisle after aisle that look the same can be broken by three dimensional four foot shelf headers that signal to shoppers that there is something special, worth walking the aisle.

2. Connect with your customer’s lifestyle.
One of the problems with the presentation of many center store categories is that they are not organized the way most shoppers think. For Good Food Market we presented category identifiers by customer usage. Frozen fruits were positioned as a smoothies story, basic canned and boxed goods featured a banner stating that “with a well-stocked pantry anything is possible.”

3. Increase category sales.
Categories like pet products and baby products are bypassed by many supermarket shoppers who would rather buy them at Walmart or Costco. Roche Bros in Boston uses attractive, canopy-like category identifiers to make these areas of center store a more substantial stop.

If category identifiers are done right, they also all tie to a central brand purpose and support your brand relationship with customers.

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