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Cyber Monday

by Ryan Joy — November 25, 2011

Last year we helped the outstanding team at Trig’s launch their Facebook page and plan their social media promotions. One of their most successful social media promos was offering online-only coupons (Facebook and Trig’ on “Cyber Monday“.

Here’s what the social media manager at Trig’s had to say about the promotion last year (shared with permission):

“Hey, I just wanted to send a quick note to say thanks for the ideas about Cyber Monday. It was SUPER fun and got everyone really engaged in our social media activities. We received phone calls, emails, Facebook inquiries, and more about it. We ran into a few challenges along the way, but overall it was pretty great! The download numbers for most of the coupons managed to do in two hours what many of our coupons do all week.”

At the time they ran the promotion last year, the Trig’s Facebook page was still very new. As the Trig’s current Facebook status says, this year they will be offering “Twenty-one ridiculously hot coupons,” available Monday only, and the Trig’s team has been building for a successful promotion all year.

“It’s amazing what having a year of experience in social media has done for our troops on the ground in terms of understanding and being committed to social media! Last year, we had a lot of success with a small group of followers and little advertising. This year, with a much larger base of followers on social media, higher traffic to our website and with a lot more advertisement, we are ready to bring back an even better Cyber Monday promotion this year.”

This quote highlights the key to online marketing: choose your strategy and see it through! Trig’s has decided that Facebook is going to be a part of their marketing, and so they steadily have built their “likes” (as of this writing they’re around 1,200), continuing to improve, educating both employees and customers along the way.

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