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by Ryan Joy — December 6, 2011

DW Green Company is proud to welcome a new team member, interactive developer Charles Voita. Charles has jumped into our workflow and is already making an impact. We asked Charles a few questions today, here are his responses:

Q: What did you do before coming to DW Green Company?
A: Before I came to DW Green I free-lanced as a web designer and developer as well as followed a strict study regiment focused on gathering more knowledge of web technologies in real time applications and worked on personal projects. I studied and worked with PHP primarily while focusing on implementing ‘new’ web technology such as AJAX in innovative ways.

Q: What do you love to do (both at work and away from work)?
A: When I am working I love breaking down procedural tasks into more abstract frameworks. I love coding from absolute scratch. I love learning new technology, from individual functions to full-fledged languages and using them effectively. If I am not learning something new or trying a new idea then I have the chance to get bored.

When I am not at work I enjoy writing music, studying, and painting.

Q: What are your areas of expertise?
A: My areas of expertise are PHP 5 , MySQL,, JS(jQuery library), HTML , and CSS. I work to have these technologies weave together fluidly presenting the end-user with an environment that interacts intuitively.

PHP and MySQL are the bread and butter of the developer. Altering the site before the end-user sees it, pulling up information and inserting information into the database securely.

I use jQuery for its visual flare, but I find its main use is its power to make simple XML calls to the server retrieving information real-time making the user experience natural and with minimal pauses.

HTML and CSS give what is produced by the backend server its flair. Laying out the design and having it styled in a visually appealing way makes the end-user want to actually explore the site.

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