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How Your Brand Can Use Pinterest

by Ryan Joy — March 1, 2012

Whole Foods Branded Pinterest Page

What is Pinterest?

An online “pinboard” that lets you collect photos of ideas you like. Right now, the demographics seem slanted towards women, and popular uses include decorating ideas, meal ideas, party ideas, fashion ideas, and wish lists of products…pretty much anything users want to collect.

Why does it matter?

According to Business Insider, Pinterest has grown 40x in the last six months, and has the same growth rate as Facebook had in 2006. It is fun and easy (addictive, really) to browse, because of the quality of the content and simplicity of use. Hundreds of savvy brands have folded Pinterest into their online marketing strategy.

How can you use it?

Pinterest creates fun interactions with any brand that can use beautiful imagery to connect with customers—so, how can your brand present brand-relevant ideas through pictures? Whether the product is food, movies, clothing, or publications, Pinterest users will happily pin your content onto their boards, as long as they find it useful or interesting. Once you’ve identified some content categories (e.g. “super-quick recipes”, “kitchen ideas”, “our favorite products”), organize your boards and pin content onto them. Then have fun and start interacting with those who follow you. Consider a Pinterest-focused promotion or contest. Monitor trends, adjust strategy, and stay creative!

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