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Purpose Is The Foundation For Building An Enduring Brand

by DW Green — August 14, 2012

IMG_0932We have to first identify and articulate the purpose of a company to have a meaningful starting point to build the brand. What does your company have that consumer’s want that the competition can’t deliver? What is the difference your company is trying to make in the world? Lets figure out what really matters to people and develop marketing solutions accordingly. Sometimes the best way to improve perceptions might be to update the retail experience, enhance in-store signage, redesign the web site or whatever shows up. A purpose driven process transforms integration from an exercise in consistency to an exercise in creation—it’s about looking at everything as an opportunity to deliver another dimension of your purpose! How much more powerful would your brand be if everything you were putting out in the world was attempting to fulfill the promise of your purpose in some new and exciting way? Purpose is the great uniter. If your marketing efforts aren’t being developed with the overall purpose of your company in mind, you’re likely to have a whole lot of messages resulting in a whole lot of nothing in the market. We want to co-create ideas that are so intriguing, so entertaining, so persuasive and relevant to consumers that you are invited into their lives with open arms. And when you connect with consumers from a deeper place of purpose and meaning you can’t help but prosper.

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