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The Real Power Of A Brand Lies In Its Ability to Emotionally Connect With its Customers

by DW Green — August 30, 2012

Since professional football teams are kicking off a new season perhaps another sports to business analogy is in order. Or perhaps not, but here’s one just the same. Winning teams exemplify qualities like preparation, teamwork, execution, heart, wholeheartedness, determination, courage, purpose, tenacity, talent, passion and self-confidence. From a brand perspective, the ultimate value of a professional sports team is in the emotional connection it creates with its fans. Enduring franchises, like the Packers, Cowboys and Steelers, consistently provide their fans with a reason to believe in their team. Whether it’s a championship season or a mediocre one, the fans remain faithful to their team. This team loyalty isn’t based on superficial marketing or slick advertising. It’s rooted in the hearts of the fans, in their love, in their passion for the team, and in their community.

Our brand foundation work has similar roots. On the surface many retailers tell us they are about quality products, value pricing and exceptional service. Some retailers insist they’re only about offering low prices. Our brand foundation process is an exploration into the deeper meaning and purpose of an organization and how it can connect with all its stakeholders. The process requires hard work, collaboration, open mindedness, and creative thinking.

We believe that all independent retailers who are good at what they do, have the mettle to prosper and grow and to build an enduring emotional brand connection with all of its stakeholders. We have a passion to serve as a guide in this singular purpose. We humbly request that opportunity.

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One response to “The Real Power Of A Brand Lies In Its Ability to Emotionally Connect With its Customers”

  1. Ryan Joy says:

    Sports teams are also perhaps the best example of brand tribes. (Go Cardinals!)

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