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Thanksgiving Ads

by DW Green — November 21, 2013

I was looking at supermarket Thanksgiving ads in the newspaper today. Generally items and price points are similar from one week to the next, but particularly so on Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is the one week of the year where most of the items and price points are very much the same.

So if it’s not a specific item(s) or lower price(s) what makes a consumer choose one retailer over another? I belive it’s the look and feel of the ad and the brand messaging. Design counts. Design is what connects the store brand to the consumer. When the design is clean and easy to read, and clearly communicates brand attributes and benefits, consumers are more likely to choose your store. Attracting a larger percentage of ad shoppers can be the difference between a good week and a great week of sales.

Given the expense of advertising it’s a shame when ads, and websites and email promotions lack good design and fail to communicate the benefits of shopping a particular store. Design is a subjective area for sure, but it’s important to trust good designers!

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