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by Adam Zack — January 6, 2015

Who is this new guy writing the Retailer Insight column for DW Green Company? Does he know the difference between a cantaloupe and a Tuscan melon? Does he know the difference between EDLP and EBIT? Just what “retailer insights” can a dude working for DW Green have that I don’t already know?

Hello, my name is Adam Zack and I’m a retailaholic. I’ve been in the grocery business pretty much my whole life. My degree is in business administration (University of San Diego 1986) and I ran a successful chain of 8 stores from 1988-2011. The last four years I have managed the most successful single store in San Diego. My passions are food, wine and the ocean.

So why the hell did you leave that to work for DW Green? Are you crazy? Well, it was time to take the next step from running a family business. It was time to get on the other side of the table and try and help blend the creativity that thrives at DW Green with the chaotic everyday operations that retailers face daily. I know what it’s like to operate on a 1-2% net margin. I also know what it’s like to be behind the 8 ball when times get tough and competition is putting on its steel toed boots and taking aim at your backside. I know that nearly every independent grocery retailer has unique strengths and benefits that they should be expressing to their customers. Creative differentiation is the path to success, and I have not seen anyone who can beat DW Green’s inspired passion to help independents kick some ass in their marketplace, gain new customers and reinforce relationships with existing customers. DW always helped me work within my budget. He helped me realize that branding is not just an expense, it’s an investment in differentiation, and that is what the cobblestones on the road to success are made of.

So, bottom line is I am not a salesman. I’m a retailer who just happened to admire DW Green’s integrity and passion enough to jump ship and work with him. It’s exciting and a little unnerving at the same time. The talent at DW Green is there, I just need to help some grocers better tell their retail story.

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