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They Did It!

by DW Green — September 28, 2015

Town and Country Markets, one of our Seattle area clients, recently completed an extensive remodel project of their store in Bainbridge Island Washington. To use the word “extensive” to describe the magnitude of the remodel is an understatement! The store was initially built in the 1950’s on very challenging terrain. And while the remodel required more than 18 months to complete, the end result was truly amazing! It’s a beautiful, beautiful store.

The depth of planning and communication, both internally with staff and externally with vendors and the community were impeccable. Obviously a work plan is critical. But clearly communicating the plan to all employees and customers minimizes the discomfort and inconvenience while allowing everyone to be a part of the process.

We offer our heartfelt congratulations to the T&C leadership team, impassioned staff, gifted store designers, and talented construction company personnel for their dedication and exceptional work. We acknowledge the community of Bainbridge Island, as well, for their support and understanding of the lengthy remodel process.

The story below appeared in Town & Country’s bi-monthly newsletter, the Bridge. 

We Did It!

By Jason Brown, Town & Country Markets Inc., Marketing

At long last, the remodel project at Town & Country Market Bainbridge is complete! Over the past 18 months, T&C and Abbott Construction have been partners in what was the most complex project either company has taken on. Though much has changed, the soul remains– it still feels like Town & Country Market. It sure took a lot of work to get here. The market staff has a lot to be proud of– the result of all their hard work, perseverance and positivity is a beautiful new market. From the start, Abbott committed their very best for this project, and collaboration between T&C, Abbott and customers made such an ambitious project possible.

Back in 2003, our relationship with Abbott began with the remodel of Ballard Market. Since then, we’ve worked together on other projects, building trust along the way. Without a close working relationship, the remodel at Bainbridge might have looked a lot different. Keeping the footprint of the market intact created challenges that might have seemed too daunting to take on with another contractor. “When there were difficulties, Abbot said to us, ‘We’re going to work through this, we’re going to find a way,’” says Bill Weymer. From the start, T&C and Abbott got on the same page and worked as partners.

For such a huge project, plans and designs are important, but making it happen really comes down to day-to-day execution. Market Director Rick Pedersen and Project Managers Clay Hubbell and Jeff Weimer coordinated the action, keeping managers, staff and employees on the same page. “Staying open changed everything. We had to be partners,” Rick says. Working together for a year and a half, folks became close, like part of the family. Now that the remodel is done, it’s a little bittersweet saying goodbye to people who shared such a difficult but fun experience together.

Everyone pulling together made it possible to continue serving our customers. Closing the market would have made the project take less time, but what’s a market without customers? After all, as Rick points out, the market “is as much theirs as it is ours.” Through all the disruption, customers showed amazing support, with the market retaining well over 95% of sales. Even more, customers had fun with it all, making connections with T&C and Abbott employees. Support from the community makes what we do possible. “It’s the most caring community I’ve ever been involved in,” says Bill.

Working with Abbott is a great fit because of the values we share. Collaboration, stewardship and legacy were the guiding principles that drove this project. Staying true to those principles kept everyone involved pulling in the same direction. “They really thought about not just getting the work done, but how it’s going to affect us, the community, customers and employees,” Susan Allen says of Abbott. Now that the remodel is complete, the new and improved Town & Country Market is ready to continue as the community hub of Bainbridge Island well into the future.

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