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Learning Situations

by DW Green — May 31, 2017

Opportunity to learn and grow

It’s easy to react quickly to something someone says or does that’s annoying or out of line, over the top or under the bottom. And normally an instant reaction doesn’t improve the situation—often making it worse. I’ve learned to try to be still, relax, take some deep breaths, and regain my composure. I’ve learned that when coming from a place of stillness and silence, we are wiser, less reactive, less conditioned, more creative and more intuitive, so we are more likely to respond to life rather than have a knee-jerk reaction to it.

Often these challenging moments require a difficult conversation with someone to resolve the issue. It helps me to remember that every difficult conversation I have includes someone who is teaching me something about myself. Every trying situation contains an opportunity for deeper self-reflection and learning. Every irritant, heartbreak, frustration, disappointment, fearful moment and sadness is a teacher. If I look at the conversation as an opportunity for me to learn and grow then maybe the other person will learn and grow too.

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  1. Mel says:

    Very nice!

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