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What Do Your Ads Reveal?

by DW Green — May 17, 2017


An ad is an invitation to shop your store.

The overall look and feel of an ad reveals much more about a retailer than the specific items and prices that are on sale. Does the store look like a friendly, fun place to shop? Does it look professional? Does it look like it offers quality products? Does it look trustworthy? Does it look welcoming? Authentic? Healthy? Or does it look busy, cluttered, and boring?

Take an open-minded look at your advertising. Is your ad the best reflection of your store{s)? Is the ad providing benefits and reasons to believe in your store?

In essence the ad is an invitation to shop your store. Does your advertising consistently attract new customers?



For example, here are three recipe email blast approaches.





















Be mindful of the unspoken message your ads are conveying to consumers.

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One response to “What Do Your Ads Reveal?”

  1. Melanie says:

    great advice – however it was impossible to actually read your ads that you used as an example! Fuzzy or I’m going blind! 🙂

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