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The Value of Storewide Signage Audits

by DW Green — July 12, 2017

“Store signage can have a significant impact on a business.”

Years ago I visited a successful, high profile independent supermarket chain in the southwest. It is an excellent supermarket company with beautiful and well-merchandised facilities. Since it was going to be my first visit I did some advance research about the company. I learned that the business was committed to, among many things, delivering exceptional customer service, exceeding customer expectations.

You can imagine my surprise when the first thing I saw before walking into the store was a large sign announcing the store’s security camera’s, the penalty for shoplifting and a $25 returned check fee. Wow, the sign didn’t make me feel to good about the store or myself. I imagine from a legal perspective it is wise or even necessary to warn the public in advance of these types of activities but it doesn’t set the stage for a warm welcoming shopping experience.

Store signage can have a significant impact on a business. Signs set the tone for customer visits and employees’ work atmosphere. Appearance, location and word-choice in signage create a lasting impression. Signage also sends a strong message to customers about whether or not the company cares about them and their business.

A storewide signage audit can identify any customer-unfriendly signs that require modification. For example:

  • Take off all the no and don’t
  • Try to use signage that states rules in positive terms with please’s and thank you’s.
  • Reword the harsh rules. Try we would appreciate or to help serve you better as lead-in lines.
  • Place a welcome sign and mat at your front door, or a we’re glad to see you
  • Put thank-you signs on cash registers, such as we appreciate your business or thanks for shopping come again soon.
  • Make every sign in the store a positive action sign, a sign that says yes. The best signs make people smile or feel good about reading them.

When is the last time you conducted a storewide signage audit? How often do you conduct them? It’s a good idea to consider storewide signage audits quarterly.

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