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by Adam Zack — July 5, 2017

Adam Zack

Where the owner greets me…

I just spent the past several hours with the owner of a couple stores in Northern California. His stores focus on super fresh foods, community, locally sourced produce, employees and family. The stores are very well run and would be my neighborhood store if I lived in the area. One of those places where the owner greets me “Hey Big A, how’s it hanging? Too bad your Chargers sucked it again this week. Maybe they will have better luck in L.A.!” Whereby I could say “F-you pal! You’re Niners aren’t much better.” We could have a laugh and talk about what local farmer had brought in to the produce department today. So why does this particular grocer even need any help from us at DW Green? Because he has stories, LOTS of stories to tell that will differentiate him from the competition. Stories of how he invested in a farm that grows for his store and how he helped plant the crop and brought it to his stores. How a chicken farmer brought him his first air chilled, organic chicken and after he roasted it took all the other chicken out of his store. How he infuses his signature tri-tip roast with a blackened seasoning that is made in such small batches by a little company that sometimes they run out and a new batch isn’t made for a month! So we are going to help him with a new mobile responsive designed website that will reinforce his brand and help him with orders. We’ll tell his story with eblasts that tout the local farmers and the differentiation he offers. I love sharing stories of how during every vacation we spend time checking out the local grocers for ideas to bring home. You won’t find any more hard working and caring people than your local grocery store owner. Live it, love it and let us help you tell your story about it.

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