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The Power of the Compliment

by Adam Zack — August 3, 2017

Examine the words you use and how you deliver them.

Knives, swords and guns are powerful weapons, no doubt. Wars have been fought, won and lost because of the weapons deployed. The bigger knife, bigger gun, bigger bomb usually wins the war. But it’s words and gestures that are the most powerful weapon when it comes to starting, or ending, a fight. An insult can, and has, started a war. Calm words have prevented them. So when it comes to power to influence and change things, start by examining the words you use and how you deliver them. Customers can be convinced to shop at your store simply due to the words you use and how you market them. Spell things wrong, use terrible grammar, be unimaginative and the chances of you persuading someone to look your way are drastically reduced. It follows suit with existing employees and customers – the words you say and how you deliver them can make or break the relationship. Compliments freely and thoughtfully delivered will inspire loyalty and appreciation. “You look great today, Miss Jones”, “Have you lost a little weight Bob?” “You did a fantastic job closing last night, Bill” are all simple things to say that are often not spoken. And the impact they make can help win the war. The greatest compliment I ever received was from a guy who told me that “I got it (as in understood) and by “it” he meant “life”. Wow, how cool is it for even one person to think that you get “life.” A pissed off look, the lack of kind words from management and the blinders that everyday business brings are words and actions that won’t lead to victory. Like anything worthwhile, they take thought and effort. I get that.

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