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by DW Green — October 4, 2017

Light of Community

I was in Denver over the weekend attending a Denver Bronco football game with my brothers. Denver is our hometown, and while we no longer live there, we’ve been fervent Bronco fans for 57 years! Avid sports fans that root and cheer for their favorite team belong to a community of fellow fans. In Denver, seeing fans donned in team colors—shirts, jerseys and caps, all wearing smiles, “high-fiving”, fist pumping and cheering Go Broncos, all share a deep connection to our beloved team. Belonging to a community is a powerful and meaningful relationship, whether it’s a sports team, a city, a school, a state, a geographic region or a nation.

As business owners we’re connected to the broader community of our chosen profession. We’re connected to our employees, vendors, customers and to the communities we serve. Being mindful of those relationships in the light of community changes our perspective to service and contribution to a greater good.

Perspective: the faculty of seeing all the relevant data in a meaningful relationship.

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