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Print Motivates Millennials

by DW Green — October 18, 2017

Millennials love print advertising

I read the following about millennials love for print advertising in an article published on Visualogistic’s website. I was somewhat surprised by their findings. Interestingly, it validated my belief of the power and importance of a retailer’s ability to create an emotional connection, a bond, with consumers.

“Millennials may be known to be digitally savvy, but they’re not constantly connected. We assume that the Millennial generation constantly live in a cyber world not paying attention to anything outside of their phone or computer screen. That is where advertisers fail with millennials. With so many online ads being pushed towards them in every direction, it’s no surprise nearly half of millennials are ignoring pop-up ads, banner ads, and emails.

Millennials ignore these ads:


  • 49% internet ads
  • 48% email (spam)
  • 45% mobile text

Although millennials spend more time engaged online, they use the internet and social media to stay connected to friends and family. If given the option, millennials are more likely to block ads and skip through TV commercials. You can’t solely rely on those platforms to advertise and need to see how else to connect to this particular age group.

Millennials need to feel an emotional attachment for them to be invested into a brand but that is made difficult when many companies are competing for the same digital ad space. Studies even show direct mail gives a stronger emotional reaction than online ads. Millennials are known to be the most nostalgic age group. Although digital advertising works, it does not satisfy emotional needs.

Here are a few statistics to keep in mind:

  • 68% of consumers ages 18-24 react to advertisements in newspapers including coupons
  • 82% of millennials read direct mail
  • 54% looking forward to receiving hard-copy catalogs in the mail

Millennials like to hold print, read it, smell it, use it to gain new information and even for money saving purposes. Print is easy for them to pass on to other friends and family members.”

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