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by DW Green — November 8, 2017

Fun-loving child again

I’m going to a developmental retreat next month in Seattle. One of the distinctions we will be exploring is Play. Play as in not taking everything so seriously. Play helps us keep the distance we need to observe rather than identify with the natural anxieties of life. Plus play is just plain fun! Let yourself be that spontaneous, in-the-moment, fun-loving child again. Or, as Friedrich Schiller put it, “Keep true to the dreams of thy youth.”

One of our assignments is to bring a joke or two to the retreat. Humor is important in life. Laughing is healthy. Laughing is fun. Here’re a few jokes I like…

What do you call an intelligent, good-looking, sensitive man? A rumor.

World’s shortest books…

Career opportunities for History majors.

Amelia Earhart’s Guide to the Pacific.

Accountant Joke

A patient is at her doctor’s office after undergoing a physical examination. The doctor says, “I have some very grave news. You have only six months to live. What can I do cries the patient. The doctor replies, Marry an accountant. Will that my life longer asks the patient. No says the doctor. But it will seem longer.

You know you’re getting old when…

…your back goes out more than you do.

…you and your teeth no longer sleep together.

Have some fun today!

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