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by Adam Zack — February 7, 2018

Jennifer Aniston

I was walking down the wine aisle of my store in San Diego last week and Jennifer Aniston stopped me and asked me for a recommendation on a good, value priced Pinot Noir. Wow, Jennifer Aniston! And she was even prettier in person (and shorter, too, but all those Hollywood types are.) We chatted about what her favorite wines (Meomi? Really? Someone had steered her wrong there, but who was I to tell her that) and what she was serving it with. Turns out Gwyneth and Brad, Ed Sheeran and his fiancée and Courtney Cox were all joining Jen and Justin for the weekend at an Air BnB here in San Diego. She’s going to need a lot of wine, and it turns out Justin likes his bourbon, so I saw some Eagle Rare in her future. We picked out some nice bottles (she made sure she got 6 so she could get her 10% discount), then I escorted her to the meat department, where Alex cut her some beautiful prime ribeyes and Chris packed up 10 of his fantastic crab cakes. After helping her with more supplies (Toilet paper Jen? Air BnB’s are usually stocked up), I took her to the checkout, got her a cup of complimentary coffee and packed her groceries in reusable shopping bags (no charge, I wanted Jen to be photographed carrying one of my bags so it would show up in People Magazine. I took her purchases to the car, put them in the trunk of her BMW and thanked her sincerely for coming in. (No, I can’t accept tips Jen, save that $5 to help the homeless puppies). I thanked her again for coming in, and wished her a great weekend with her friends. It was great to have a VIP in the store, I just wish I would have got a selfie, but I didn’t want her to feel all weirded out.

OK, so none of that happened, but there are hundreds or even thousands of customers in your stores every single day that deserve to be treated like Jennifer Aniston or George Clooney. While a celebrity might come in your store once or twice, the real celebrities are the ones that come in every day to see you. They don’t have zillions of dollars and have celebrity friends. They won’t be in People Magazine. But if you can get your staff to treat them like they are a VIP, then they won’t go anywhere else to shop, and that is a real story worth telling.

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