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Move it, man

by Adam Zack — March 7, 2018

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Show them the target, and get out of the way.

Has anyone ever told you to just get out of the way? To move it or lose it? It’s almost never well received. It implies that you are impeding progress and are an obstacle to progress. It’s an uncomfortable feeling when you’re in the way. You feel useless and stupid. Strong (and not necessarily in a good way) and powerful bosses often do a great job of making their employees feel like they are in the way. General impatience, arrogance and the fact that they are indeed the boss often make employees feel like they ARE in the way. They become timid and withdraw, resulting in action that only happens with direction from the boss. In reality, it’s the opposite that’s true. The bosses are the ones that need to get out of the way. We need to let our employees exercise their judgment, training and experience to achieve the goals we give them. Show them the target, and get out of the way so that they can shoot. Think of it this way: You have 100 employees that you have goals for. Goals that will help your business, help your customers and help your bottom line. Only problem is, you are standing right in front of the target. They are gun shy – who wants to kill the boss (Ok, don’t answer that) – so they don’t try. Now take a step aside and you have 100 people with the target in their sights, ready and willing to shoot. Sure, they won’t all hit it, but a lot will which makes you money. It makes them happy to contribute, and it gives you the opportunity to actually teach and lead those who have trouble hitting the target. And that’s what a great leader does – prepare the troops for battle, get out of the way, and let them lead you to victory.

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