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by DW Green — April 18, 2018

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“As a man thinketh, so is he”

We’re constantly making choices. Every day. Often, unconscious choices, which is to say, we make choices without giving them much if any thought at all. We just do stuff. And sometimes that just doing has negative consequences. I read the following this morning. Dr. Wayne Dyer’s words are a reminder to be mindful of the choices we make in the first place.

“Understand that what you think about expands (“As a man thinketh, so is he”). If your thoughts are filled with doubt and you have a closed mind, you will of necessity act upon those closed-minded doubts, and you’ll see evidence of your thinking virtually everywhere you are. On the other hand, should you decide (make no mistake about this, it is a choice) to have a mind that’s open to everything, then you’ll act upon that inner energy, and you’ll be the creator as well as the recipient of miracles wherever you are. You will experience what Walt Whitman meant when he wrote, ‘To me… every inch of space is a miracle.” —Dr. Wayne Dyer

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One response to “Choices”

  1. Rick Piazza says:

    Very good, DW and Adam! Very inspirational. I feel that I personally get caught up in closed-minded doubts. It’s not a healthy way to act. Great article.

    Thank you,


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