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by DW Green — May 2, 2018

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Design is the opposite of literal.

Sometimes with design work, retailers prefer designs that literally reflect the subject they represent.

According to the ole dictionary, literal is defined as the strict meaning of the word or words, not figurative or metaphysical. To construe words in the strict or in an unimaginative way; matter-of-fact; dull; prosaic. So basically, the word literal refers to the use of words. The problem is that design goes beyond the specific definition of the word or words, good design also conveys feeling and emotion. Grocery shopping is more than a grocery cart. A new or remodeled store is more than new fixtures, new floors and new d├ęcor. Design is the opposite of literal. Good design is imaginative, dynamic, and energetic. Good design builds an emotional connection between your customers and your brand. We recently updated a store logo for a client. The new design created a clean, comfortable, and captivating look and feel. The design brought energy and an aliveness to the brand (a word). Amazing.

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