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Who’s your go-to guy (or gal)?

by Adam Zack — May 16, 2018

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Think about who your go-to is.

You know the person at your store, or your family, who is the go-to guy?  The rock. The problem solver. The answer man. Your lifeline. Your shoulder to cry on. Your own personal “let me google that for you.” Your mentor.

It’s the person you go to in times of crisis. Times of doubt. Times of uncertainty. They are the person who keeps their cool, thinks things through and talks you down off the ledge. Sometimes it’s mom. Sometimes it’s dad. Sometimes it’s Nana. Sometimes it’s your boss. Sometimes it’s the maintenance guy. And sometimes it’s you. The go-to guy is usually only honored at retirement. Or at his funeral. There’s no Hallmark Holiday to celebrate your go-to. It’s a role that is fulfilled by those who care and take pride in what they do and who they are. They use phrases like “You know I’m there for you”, “Call me if you need anything”, “Door’s always open” and “How can I help?” They have instincts to realize when something isn’t right with you. They know when to butt out and when to stick their nose in. Unfortunately, not everyone has a go-to. Some get thrown in to the deep and there’s no who can throw them a lifeline. Hey either sink or swim. Sometimes it’s a sad ending and sometimes it’s an incredible success story. So today, think about who your go-to is. Make today National Go-To-Guy Day and tell them just how much you appreciate the fact that they are always there for you. A simple text or email will do. No presents, no cards – just words.

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3 responses to “Who’s your go-to guy (or gal)?”

  1. Linda Jones-Zack says:

    You are MY-GO-TO-GUY and I appreciate you every single day. xoxoxo

  2. Lila Fulton says:

    You are definitely a go to guy!
    I appreciate that about you!!!!!!!

    You are calm, insightful and wise, generous and kind……..

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