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by DW Green — August 22, 2018

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Find time each day to connect with nature.

I spend thirty minutes every morning sitting on my back porch. From 5:30 to 6:00 am. Twenty minutes in meditation and ten minutes looking at the sky, clouds, trees, flowers and plants in my backyard. It’s quiet and peaceful, and fresh. I repeat the same practice in the evening for an hour. I look at the star filled sky, the moon and the same trees, flowers and plants. They look different at night. They seem more relaxed and peaceful, or maybe it’s me that is more relaxed and peaceful. The dark of night is settling and comfortable.

Can you remember a time when you just let yourself unplug and enjoy time in nature? Do you remember how it allowed you to settle into a place of total contentment and peace? Time in nature—whether it’s sitting out on your porch like I do, watching a sunset, or taking a stroll through a park—can do wonders for your energy and mindset. Find time each day to connect with nature in whatever way you’re able, and begin to notice the calming effects it has on you throughout the rest of your day.

Remember that when we find ourselves spinning out in life, the fastest and most effective way to ground ourselves and become present is to anchor into a tangible, physical practice. This teaches us to become a master at self-discipline and—before we know it—we’ll have taken back control of our life and are living in a place of harmony.

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