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by DW Green — October 3, 2018

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“The number-one job for a designer is to make things easy to read.”

We teach our designers that the most important element of their design work is “readability”. Whether they’re working on an ad or a sign, a poster or a web page, if the design impedes readability it’s an ineffective design. Consumers must be able to clearly read the message for the message to have impact. This includes choice of type fonts, type size, boarders, and pictures. A busy ad reduces the number of prospective readers. Clean, simple, and easy to read reflecting the brand personality is our design mantra.

I read the following by Roger Black in a Type Network email last week. Roger Black is synonymous with the modern magazine. He has designed or redesigned Rolling Stone, The New York Times Magazine, Newsweek, McCall’s, The New Republic, Fast Company, Reader’s Digest, Foreign Affairs, Advertising Age, Esquire, and now the National Enquirer (to name just a brief sampling). 

“I think the number-one job for a designer is to make things easy to read. And give some sense of pleasure about it.

There is a relationship between reader and writer that you have to respect. That’s what type is all about: reading.

Designers get in trouble because they think design is art, it’s self-expression—and that’s the last thing it is.”  – Roger Black

I agree Roger!

Read More – Perfect!


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